Do not be frightened Minsk traffic police

On Sunday (13 April 2008) in the morning (12 hours) to Minsk (come on half days, to negotiate and bath). The plans - to bring a friend home Minsk, buy bacon in sesame - and in Moscow. In the car, three people. 2 Russian citizen and a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, respectively.
Weather disgusting, rain cats and dogs. Food quietly, no more 70 km / h: a strange city and vsesezonka. At the congress from the overpass traffic cop slows me down (in Belarus GAI). Says I'm speeding and asks to go to the car. As the rain on the street and generally disgusting, out of a comfortable car is not desirable, moreover, in its violation is not particularly hard to believe, so I ask to show me proof that I exceeded. From gaishnaya machine 2242MN number (standing slightly apart), the second policeman ordered me to radar, which showed, as if someone was driving 3 minutes ago at a speed of 98kms / hour. (Yes, I was overtaken by a black jeep).
I disagreed with this disorder and asked the inspectors to complete the protocol without me, so I just signed it then. Inspector insisted that I was in their car. Regarding our car their car was so:


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