That which suffers most of conscious humanity - is an acute shortage of NATURE.

We spend 24 hours a day for room and office arrest, working in artificial light, we eat in the room to move around from home to office in transport and in general do not step foot into the countryside. And if the tread, then the nature of the form-predictable geometric park with cement walkways and benches along the edges of the lawn, where it is written: "do not walk on the lawn!ยป.

Most of us still remember the good old days, when we children were playing detective robber in the yard and came home only to sleep and eat. These days are in the past, and our children are unlikely to flee and nonchalantly walk into the yard, because it is dangerous because the yard is dirty or because a game fight interesting. And we are, office workers, accustomed to breathe the circulated between the nose and the air-conditioned and some of exhaust gas on the way home and we believe that it is fortunate that we have this work (because our standard of living has risen so much!).

Disease prevention without a return to nature is simply not possible. For all of us, and especially for children. Children are more subtle feelings of inferiority city life and express it in the form of allergies, frequent colds, poor academic performance. Nature makes the prevention of diseases and the nature heals, but traditional doctors who treated attributes the nature ?!



Without sunlight there would be no us. We - children of the sun in the literal sense of the word. Therefore, we need the healing rays of at least 10 minutes a day. To produce vitamin D3 (one of the most amazing substances a person is open), which is a natural cancer prevention, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, increases bone density and improves immune function. As well as preventing infectious diseases is much better than any vaccine. To get vitamin D in its natural form, you just need to spend more time outdoors.

Sounds of Nature

The singing of birds, the rustling of leaves, twigs crunch, the murmur of the stream, the chirping of crickets and the rustle of grass under his feet - provides a therapeutic effect, reduces the levels of stress hormones and blood pressure.

One of the most healing sounds are considered to be the sound of water: waterfalls, streams, rain, storm, sea. You can write it all down and listen while working at the computer, but do compare the audio with this sea?

Colors of Nature

Scientifically speaking, color - electromagnetic radiation of a different wavelength that falls on the retina, and is interpreted by the brain as colors. It electromagnetic radiation carries a healing energy, the energy of color. Very well, if every day you can come into contact with the entire spectrum of colors, look at the flowers, plants, animals, the sky. It heals you and stimulates the brain.

If you see colors and shades in nature, your brain begins to function at a higher cognitive level. The people conducting the whole day in a place where nothing changes, do not have such an opportunity to boost your intelligence.


Spending time in nature, we have to move: walk, run, ride a bike, swim, climb the mountain. Beautiful scenery makes any physical exercise enjoyable. If you make a morning jog in the forest, it seems, is just a quick walk.

The motion gives us a second youth, improves blood circulation, increases bone density, makes us more flexible, mobile, increases lymphatic circulation, improves mood.


The qualitative difference between the room air and fresh air of the forest and meadows awesome. The air in the room spoiled gases produced from synthetic materials: carpets, furniture, paints, varnishes, adhesives, etc., as well as filled with mold spores, dwelling in bathrooms, kitchens, on window sills and under the wallpaper.

Forest air completely different composition! In the forest the air longer life, vitality and health.


Traditional medicine hammered us that sterile cleanliness - the guarantee of health. We believe that we can be healthy only when all the microbes in our environment are killed detergents, antibacterial soap, pharmaceuticals.

Some microbes are an integral part of our lives and our well-being! Being exposed to germs, we train our immune system and give the entire body into balance. The best way to experience a microcosm of our body - it's access to nature.

Traditional medicine has led us down the wrong path sterility. But nature is full of "dirty" bacteria, viruses, infections and other representatives of the microcosm.


This energy is less noticeable. Think about why a big city empties us, takes energy, and instead gives a fuss, angular geometry is haunted? And why forest leaves us full of strength, joy of life?

Bioenergy is felt in contact with nature. Walk barefoot, hug a tree, touch a flower, to behold the dawn or sunset, lie on the grass or in the snow - it makes you part of the planet. It is said that we get rid of static electricity, walking barefoot on the ground, which creates in the body of white noise and prevents healing. But our ancestors did not wear shoes, they walked barefoot. And they do not hurt degenerative diseases.

Children are particularly affected without communion with nature

Our children's lives takes place in a closed room, including computer games and social networks on the Internet. Very few children can boast that spend most of their time outdoors. Working parents can at best offer her children a summer camp or a trip for a week at sea.

Few people can afford to go with the child for a few days camping, sleeping in a tent, swim in the cold river, build a fire. Few people want to introduce the growing of man with nature and with it to plunge into a completely different, lively and extraordinary world and learn some useful things.

The best thing we can do for our children now - is to get rid of the TV. TV - this is our enemy. The enemy, replaces the real fake reality. The more time we spend looking through your favorite TV shows, the less time we have left to stay in the nature.
Go to nature, communicate directly with real people, looking at the sky, listen to the birds, breathe the fresh air! Nature gives health!


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