12 year old Taylor died a month ago. The letter, which found her parents' heart breaks

Taylor Smith was 12 years old, and she was soon to go to high school. Once, when she caught a cold, no one expected anything fatal.
All signs point to the common flu: sore throat, fever, mild pain in the legs. Nobody thought that the death sentence would soon be submitted to her fate.

Soon realizing that her daughter is too long to get better, the parents decided to take her to the doctor. However, he confirmed that it's just the flu.

Mom and Dad, Taylor did all they could to restore the health of their girls. In addition to all kinds of medicines, traditional treatments, they did not cease to please his daughter all sorts of candy, her favorite chocolate. After a multi-day care and bed rest, Taylor just had to regain his form again.

But this did not happen. Fate struck unexpectedly. January 5, 2014 12-year-old Taylor Smith died. Shocked family members and the doctor only after her death, learned that the girl was suffering from a lung infection.

Tears in the eyes of parents do not dry out. Especially after they found among the things her daughter a box of letters that she did not have time to send. Among them was one particular message. His Taylor wrote herself.

According to the instructions written on both sides of the envelope, the letter had to be opened no earlier than April 13, 2023. As Taylor herself did not live to see this day, Mom and Dad decided to open the letter for her.

Dear Taylor,

What's up? I have a very simple (10 years ago in your past). I know, perhaps too late, but anyway: congratulations on your graduation!

If you're still not finished, keep trying. Get a diploma! You (we) have in college? If not, I understand. We have been to this reason.

Do not forget that today, 11 birthday Alla! Already 11 ?! In my time it was still a year! I did not get to the party on the occasion of her birthday - was in Kentucky. She returned only six days ago!

How did your relationship with God? Do you pray, do you poklonyaeshsya him read the Bible? Will you do it for anything? If not, get up and do it now! I do not care what you have now in your life going on, just do it! He was tortured, beaten, mocked him and crucified for you! Immaculate man who no one has ever done anything wrong!

Whether you are traveling somewhere else? I was abroad? And planes fly?

"Doctor Who" still show? If not, how it ended? Go see "Doctor Who"! And then you come and finish reading this letter!

You already live separately? If we are in college who you want to be? Now I want to be a lawyer!

When was the last time was at Dollywood? Who is the coolest of attraction called Wild Eagle. He is super!

I decided that selling your aypad and buy aypad mini, and do not forget to tell your children that we are older planchettes! I've painted a picture aypada specifically so that they look, show them!

Well, that's probably all. Remember, after I wrote it, it took 10 years. Much has happened. Good and bad. That's life, so it works. We'll have to put up with it.

Sincerely, Taylor Smith


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