20 amazing photos that will show you the world from a different angle

Sometimes it happens that reality is surprising our wildest fantasies. For the world in which we live is huge and multi-faceted, and how far gone to scientific progress, we are still a long time we will open more and more new horizons of knowledge.

1. Castle Eltz - survived to our time the castle of the XII century in Germany.

2. Clouded leopard.

3. The fountain in the museum Swarovski Innsbruck, Austria.

4. Mountain goats - animals who have completely no fear of heights.

5. Giraffe-Dragon.

6. Sculptures ghost Bruno Catalano.

7. Lapa eagle and the hand of man.

8. The tree, which really wants to live.

9. Charming Indonesia.

10. Jennifer Bricker, the famous "legless acrobat" doing exercises on the beach in Santa Monica.

11. One frame, without photoshop.

12. Excellent body art.

13. Silver fox.

14. The meeting of two worlds.

15. Gore casts a shadow on the clouds.

16. Crater Irish Celestial Garden.

17. So sleeping whales.

18. Jacuzzi in the Alps.

19. View from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

20. Grass-green pletevidka - one of the most beautiful snakes in the world.

21. Excellent underwater forest.

22. The eggs inside the glass frog.

23. Dogs born without front legs, but still not losing the will to live.

24. Forest in Olympic National Park, USA.

25. The beach near the airport, the plane comes in to land.


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