20 is infinitely touching photos of fathers and their daughters

The moments when man, brutal and heavy as rocks, take their little daughters in his arms and rocked them to swing, put to bed, or just hold the hand, make your heart beat faster. After all, they are often only lip son want more, but in fact daughters love tenderly and reverently.

We are in the Website sure that joint pastime dads and daughters - one of the most touching moments, which only can be captured on camera.

Since the first meeting ... h3> b26b5aec43.jpg

Between fathers and daughters there is an inextricable link h3> ef5641ff80.jpg

It's love at first sight for life h3> 2ca969f981.jpg

The men watched in awe at how to grow their little princess h3> b2f0fcae79.jpg


are pleased to bring h3> 647f99c5e6.jpg


and defend favorite daughters from all adversity h3> fcc9813ec2.jpg

Pope support the daring ideas h3> c3b0c882d8.jpg

and cope with daily chores better than moms h3> 521950f63a.jpg


A subsidiary responsible fathers tender love h3> 131a5949f3.jpg

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