Shes Gender: Female MMA fighters in the ring and in life

These girls are not afraid to stay at a party late and return home through the dark streets. If necessary, they are no problem standing up for himself - sent into deep knock even the most terrible bully. Behind each - dozens of battles, victories and defeats, cut eyebrows and broken noses. You say that with such work is simply impossible to remain feminine and attractive? Do not guess. Proof - in a photo collection of successful women fighters in the ring and in life

Ronda RauziLetom this year, Forbes magazine included 28-year-old American woman Rhonda Rousay not in the top 10 richest athletes of the world with an annual income of 6, 5 million dollars. em>

During his career until the autumn of 2015 she did not know that such a defeat, every fight ended in victory for Ronda.

Ronda Rousay not (left) and Beth Carrera em>

November 15 this year, the American suffered his first defeat. Sportswoman knocked out 34-year-old rival Holly Hill.

Fight Ronda and Rousay not Holly Hill (left), 15 November 2015 g em>.

After the first defeat in the life of Rousay not announced its decision to pause in his career.

Holly Hill After a sensational victory over Rhonda Rousay not 34-year-old American Holly Hill acquired times champion and became the new star of women's combat sports.

Free from training and competitions Holly spends time as the most ordinary girl: riding on a moped, meets with her friends, runs in the morning, resting with her husband.

And still there are formidable athletes fluffy cat named Buster.

Michael Tate is a mixed martial arts athlete, champion in the women's middleweight Michael Tate.

And it is the same (right) in the ring.

In his free time athlete travels, she walks with her dog, going to clubs, and more - attends football matches (a fan of the team, "Seattle Seahawks»).

Mike Tate on holiday in Brazil em>

Gina Carano Gina KaranoAmerikanku often referred to as "a woman's face in MMA." Difficult to argue with this, because once the athlete leaves the ring and puts on a dress ... In short, look for yourself.

However, feminine appearance does not interfere with Gina, a graduate of the Catholic school, rant and rave in the ring, sending opponents in the knockout.

Gina Carano (left) during a fight em>

In addition to the sports girl in films, but also cooperates with the creators of computer games. In 2008, Gina Carano appeared in the video game Red Alert 3. The American appeared in a photo shoot for playing the role of a sniper and commando Natasha Volkova from the Soviet Union.

Liz KarmushNe less ruthless in the ring and 31-year-old sportswoman Liz Karmush (right).

She began her professional career as a fighter in 2010. In five years, Liz managed to climb to 10th place in the ranking of MMA lightweight champion.

Brutal work thus does not interfere with Liz to stay feminine and delicate, in a sense. Just look how the athlete gently hugs the American TV presenter Larry King. Judging by the expression TV stars, to the arms of his guests, he was not sufficiently prepared.

Beth KorreaPoslednyaya on our list - Brazilian Beth Correa. In a professional environment, she is known primarily love for "Sucker Punch," and even fierce hatred to one of its main competitors - the aforementioned American Ronda Rousay not.

However, it is necessary to remove the Brazilian physical shape and get the ring, the magic happens. From the formidable fighter with an iron fist Beth turns into the most ordinary girl who enjoys shopping, make self, hanging out with friends ...



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