10 stars who by their example to show how to properly grow thin

Winter - it's certainly time to the cold, so warm clothing in several layers. During this period, very few people care about their appearance, because the garment in any way hide everything. Despite the fact that this is the coldest time already on the nose, we decided to gather material for anyone who wants to look perfectly at any time of the year. And to heighten the inspiration we invite you to look at the stars of Russian and foreign show business, who were able to get rid of excess weight. In general, we suggest you do not turn into humans, called snowdrops, because they appear only in the gym in the spring, and now follow the example of successful celebrities.

Polina Gagarina able in six months to lose weight 40 kg.

Svetlana Permyakova claims that after the birth of her daughter to lose weight due to the fact that more moved.

Actress Nicole Richie.

Jessica Simpson got rid of 30 kg.

Zach Galifianakis dropped about 15 kg.

Kelly Osbourne many remember due to her famous father and the reality show "The Osbournes." Since then, much time has passed, and Kelly got rid of 35 kg of excess weight. B>

Christina Aguilera began to look much more attractive after dropped 25 kg.

John Goodman loves to travel. It was during one of his voyages, he decided to start losing weight. He now weighs 50 kg less than at the beginning of the trip. B>

Catherine Skulkina dropped 15 kg.

And now looks like Natalia Bochkarev. 20 kg and 20 extra years is gone ...



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