Recipe preparation and use of rose oil in the home

It turns out that the rose oil to cook at home quite easily. It would be the desire and rose :-)

I gathered the petals of roses from our cottage and began preparing this nectar of youth and beauty. If you do not grow roses, you can take the flowers of wild rose. Anyway, you can cook any flower oil.
The main thing is to take the flowers, you have the right properties. T his may be marigolds, chamomile, apple, etc
Of course, home-now 100% rose oil do not work, but that will be able to receive, is also very useful and superior to a lot of industrial cosmetics.
On the healing properties of rose oil legends since time immemorial. In ancient Greece rose petals superimposed on the face to give it a youthful freshness. Today, they studied well enough doctors.

Useful properties of rose oil
It was found that the main medical components of the roses is an essential oil, which has a whole range of positive effects on the body:
restores and rejuvenates cells
heals mucous membranes.
stimulates the immune and nervous systems of the body,
It eliminates the effects of dysbiosis and enzymatic deficiency stomach and intestines
Relieves spasms of cerebral vessels
strengthens the heart muscle
normalizes intracranial pressure
improves the functioning of the endocrine glands
The rose petals found all the chemical elements of the periodic table. Rose petals have a high bactericidal activity, so they are used for the treatment of many skin diseases.
Therefore, rose oil has been recognized not only in traditional but also in the official medicine. And its positive and rejuvenating effect on the skin of a person can write a book.
It increases blood circulation, tones the skin, eliminates rashes and bumps, removes acne, wrinkles, has a lymphatic drainage effect and gives the skin a youthful freshness.
No wonder Japanese women say rose oil means the number one skin care.

For the preparation of rose oil takes petals with red fragrant roses.
It is advisable to use fresh petals, but may come and dry.
Collect them should be early in the morning in dry weather with blooming buds and then a little dry on a paper napkin.
Flower pink petals fold in the glass jar, fill it with warm (50-70) with olive oil and odorless, clear in a dark place for two days.
Strain the rose oil, petals and press them to pour fresh rose petals, folded into the jar again insist night in the dark.
The operation is repeated until then, until the oil will acquire a strong scent of roses (10-15 times).
Rose oil is stored in the fridge with the lid closed 3-5 months.
Ready rose oil can be added to a variety of creams, face masks, greased their hair, wipe the face, added to handmade soap.
Essence of rose petal
Essence of rose petals is used for effective cleaning and toning dry and normal skin.
To prepare 3 cups dry red rose petals pour almond or other vegetable oil is odorless, the petals were completely covered and kept in a water bath until they are bleaching.
Essence stored in a tightly closed glass bottle in the refrigerator. She wiped his face and neck 2-3 times a day, which gives the skin a healthy form of elastic.

WHERE TO BUY rose essential oil?
Well, if you do not have the ability or desire to cook oil from rose petals on their own, you will always be able to buy it off the shelf: in the oil mixture to the body or in the form of essential oils present domasskoy rose.


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