Paraffin facials

Properties paraffin

Action paraffin based only on his skin benefit physical properties. In the molten state it has a low thermal conductivity and cools very slowly. Then the changes from a liquid state to a solid. Able to give off heat, and cooling down, compresses the tissue. Hence, it turns out the effect of the contraction or lifting.

Paraffin face mask before applying melted on a water bath, and the tableware to be extremely dry. Even the presence of small amounts of water can cause skin burns. This is a truly magnificent effect paraffin mask due to the fact that under a thick layer of wax for a long time to keep a certain high temperature. With this facial skin is rapidly cleared. Under its influence may be small dispersal of various seals, enlarged pores and the almost complete disappearance of the acne.
In addition, during the term of the wax mask tonusnye increases muscle activity, improves blood circulation and even increases skin elasticity. What is especially important for women. Paraffin facials are indispensable for sluggish or dry skin, they are able to smooth wrinkles, remove puffiness and drooping cheeks, not quite bad change the shape of the face and even improve it.
Paraffin mask at home

Before you put a mask on your face, it should be wiped strong. First, it's worth checking how it is hot. For such a procedure of the Council to hold a brush on the surface of the forearm with a small amount of wax. Then brush or cotton ball on the face of rapidly applied in several layers of paraffin. However, the mouth, nose and eyes should be left free.
In his eyes it would be better to put a cotton swab to

wh ich is wetted in a solution of boric acid. After masking put a layer of cotton wool, while leaving holes in order to be able to breathe, and cover with a towel. By time it is necessary to leave the mask of about 20 minutes, and to apply no more than three times a week. After removing the need to completely clean the face.

When applying this mask to dry skin, face rubbed in the usual vegetable oil, and after already smeared nourishing cream. In the cold season is not recommended to go out, to avoid hypothermia after the procedure.


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