Words of wisdom Han Xiang Zi, one of the Eight Immortals of Taoist pantheon.

1. The only thing that makes people always sincerely - is mistaken.
2. If you ask the question - then you already know half the answer.
3. Do not pay attention to how people treat you. Pay attention to how you feel about him.
4. Help the lazy people, you are helping them to sit on his neck.
5. Not forgiving mistake - you're making a mistake himself.
6. Forgiving villainy - you're helping to make another.
7. Do you want to clean up the mess in the world? Please tidy at home.
8. Compassion defenseless. And so there is.
9. Do you want to be like everyone else - no one will.
10. If you think all the - you've mistaken. Everyone thinks differently.
11. All the people most want to know what they really want.
12. Good faith is rewarded, but the money has nothing to do with.
13. The flower is beautiful, is not touched.
14. How to distinguish the weak from the strong man? If dissatisfied with the life of a strong man, he makes claims to itself, and if the weak - that the people around.
15. All acute over time, losing the sharpness and only stupidity is even dumber.
16. Wise is not someone who thinks a lot about the great, but the one who thinks little of useless and worthless trifles.
17. And the big man and the little man can at the same time to go to the same goal, but the little man - her to stop, and large - from her to go further.
18. As long as you do not say what you think, not what you listen to, what you believe, and you do not something that is - that all this time and you did not live.


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