Butane. There is a Ministry of happiness

In Bhutan, the smile of the population is an indicator of the welfare of the country. The government instead of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is focused on gross national happiness (Gross National Happiness), and created a Department of Happiness. Here, preference is given to spiritual values, ancient cultural traditions, respect for nature and respect for each other. These qualities are the foundation of world-Bhutanese.

Butan - strana is where there is poor, and goloda prestupnosti. All vyraschennoe nA etoy blagoslovennoy zemle - ekologicheski chistoe, potomu chto zapreschen vvoz himicheskih udobreny. A vyvozitsya tolko izbytok selskohozyaystvennyh fuel product in India. Zdes pochti All vegetariantsy and zaprescheno ubivat zhivotnyh. Lesa in Butane ne vyrubayutsya, a, naoborot, vysazhivayutsya nA golyh sklonah gor. Until the late 20th century, the country was banned television and perhaps this is one reason for the extraordinary hospitality and good nature of local residents.


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