He made 66,000 cups of water on the floor. When the audience came closer, they have lost the power of speech!

66,000 biodegradable cups and 16 000 liters of rain water and paint, working 62 hours a trembling ...

That's what it took Canadian artist Serge Belo to realize his crazy creative design and create the largest mosaic of rainwater. Website invites you to look at the resulting masterpiece.


This masterpiece was created not on the principle of "art for art's sake." For this large-scale work was concealed important message for mankind - the artist's goal was to raise awareness of citizens about the impact of the disappointing lack of clean drinking water.

Efforts Serge Belo were acquitted. The result exceeded all expectations!

Mosaic covers approximately 334 m²


The water was dyed using natural dyes.

Belo and his assistants spent more than two days to finally introduce the public eye this masterpiece.


The painting depicts a fetus in the womb. Canadian wanted to focus on the fact that water is essential to all living beings, even those who are not yet born.


See firsthand how to create this Amazing picture:

via fishki.net/1729473-gigantskaja-mozaika-iz-66000-bumazhnyh-stakanchikov-s-raznocvetnoj-vodoj.html


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