Use this meditation practice, when you are depressed and lost hope for change for the better.

Sometimes it's not just a bad day, a very bad day, after which your nerves taut as a string, you are upset and depressed because of their own weaknesses and flagrant errors heap. You can get a large supply of energy and to restore faith in themselves after a wonderful meditation, which is practiced in Tibet. Buddhists use it for relief from all the negativity of the previous day, claiming the truth that everything in the world is short-lived, both good and bad. This meditation will give you a new life and inner growth, because you spend it literally rise above themselves.

Helps relieve depression.
Facilitates heartache and disappointment.
Soothes excitement and anxiety.

Practice this meditation at the end of the day, when you feel tired or deperessiyu.

Find a good place from which to watch the sunset on a clear day.

1. Stand facing west and look at the setting sun. Let the feelings of depression and anxiety completely fill your consciousness. At the same time accept the fact that everything in the universe prehodyascheee and short-lived, even your terrible mistakes, and severe depression, which at first glance seems to be incurable.
2. When the sun starts to go down behind the horizon, stand on tiptoe. As it dives notes that all the excitement, challenges, shortcomings and errors go to the horizon with the sun. Stand on tiptoe, while the sun is completely hidden behind the horizon.
3. Go into a full foot. Imagine that all your problems are gone, along with the sunset. Now concentrate on the present and the future. Imagine yourself: you start with a blank page, with renewed energy and a positive attitude to himself and to others.


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