Several major secrets of yoga.

It is said that in yoga a lot of secrets and mysteries, which open only to initiates. It is possible that the way it is. But there is in yoga and those secrets that are accessible to everyone. At first glance there is nothing special. But understanding of the depth and importance comes gradually. Here are five, in my opinion, the main secret (or, if you like, the basic principle of) yoga.

1. The main thing is not knowledge, and practice.

I had on my practice to see how many people are beginning to practice yoga tend to accumulate as much as possible knowledge, while not using the ones they already have. Often this is the reason of frustration in yoga, because knowledge alone, without practice nothing. Knowledge, of course, necessary, but to the same extent (if not more) is needed and practice.

The famous Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda has done a lot to popularize yoga wrote: "If you have learned six ideas and implement them in their vital work and his character, then you are more educated than the man memorized the contents of an entire library┬╗.

2. The desire for individuality.

During the existence of mankind were hundreds, or even thousands of attempts to create a universal system of health (physical, mental, spiritual), and sometimes it seemed that very successful, but in the end, these systems have helped not for everyone, and their versatility has been apparent . Perhaps this was due to the fact that it is impossible to create a universal system. We all know that there is the same people, but for some reason always aspire to the same rules for everyone. And the lack of past and present (with rare exception) health systems is that they are in a very small degree take into account the factor of personality. And if we talk about the universality of yoga, it is assumed that it is only universal, as in each case there is an individual approach. If such an approach is not, then there is no universal yoga.

3. Adoption of himself as a condition of change itself.

It sometimes happens that a person for many years engaged in yoga, and no change for the better does not happen, or there is a change in the opposite direction. How can this be explained? Most often in such cases, the person begins to work on yourself not accepting himself as he is. As a consequence, it has to change itself by force and violence on themselves, often leads to tragic consequences. In order to avoid abuse themselves and with the change itself was probably first need to accept yourself as you are, with all their strengths and weaknesses, the positive and negative qualities.

When we try to do away with their disabilities through the power we only drive them deeper inside, where they await their appearance provokes the situation in order to emerge stronger (more than suppress, the stronger the opposition). Only by taking its shortcomings, we can fix them. All that we have a negative hiding deep within us that all this is necessary to pull it away to the surface and be called by name. To admit to myself that we have some sort of negative quality we make the first step to ensure that this quality is clean.

An exemplary method of making yourself (text blurts out in any posture for meditation (see. Below), quiet, somewhat monotonous):

I (name) accept myself (Coy) I am. I accept that, at this stage of the journey of development I have to be that way as I am with her ... (weight, height, build, memory, lack, complex, etc.). It is necessary for my further development, to solve my problems. All your negative reactions are occurring earlier and is now in the evaluation itself, himself or the people around me I take in my heart, which opens like a flower, and is able to transform all the negative emotions into positive ones. And from my heart come the silence, serenity and acceptance.

4. Conscious discipleship.

The famous writer and Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse, whose works found a lot of ideas consonant ideas of yoga, wrote: "Refresh me, you, me and someone else, ever world - is still to be seen,
But inside we have to update it every day, or one of us does not
will ┬╗

That desire for constant renewal, constant knowledge of something new, and you can define a conscious discipleship.

We must understand the fact that an apprenticeship is not only and not so much yield any information, but increasingly involves the use of this information in the work over itself, as we have said above

Does the presence of an apprenticeship Master? Sure. The teacher can be a different person. The greatest teacher is life itself, and the highest teachers taught mankind the art of learning from life. Teachers may be books, music, paintings, films, gods of different religions, mythological heroes, teachers of antiquity, etc. - In general, all who can learn something.

How to find the Teacher? It is safe to say that if there is a desire for discipleship, sooner or later this tendency will lead you to the Master, it is as if "attract" the Master.

But discipleship only true if it eventually turns into teaching. George Gurdjieff said that "what teaching others, you learn yourself." For teachers it is not necessary to declare himself the Messiah and "chase" for a large number of students. It is enough to be a teacher to your children (or parents, wife, husband, friend, etc.). And there is no need and that they knew about it. Learning is not teaching, quietly and without asking for it thanks - "aerobatics" teaching.


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