25 historical photographs from which the heart contracts

In order not to repeat over and over past mistakes they should at least remember ...

Website 25 publishes very strong historical photographs that are impossible to look indifferently.

1. shot a German tank column Soviet tank KV-1 ° C, its dead soldiers. Voronezh Front. January-February 1943

2. The parade on Red Square. The soldiers went straight to the front, which was only a few kilometers, November 7, 1941

3. The death of the largest airship Hindenburg, which marked the end of an era airship

4. The meeting of two different worlds: the Dior show in Moscow in 1959

5. Circus elephants Kiri and Mani are involved in cleaning debris from the bombed-out streets of Hamburg. Germany, in November 1945

6. Vietnamese child clings to his father, who was arrested and is linked, as a suspect in the promotion of the guerrillas of North Vietnam in 1966

7. Blind children learn a hippopotamus at the American Natural History Museum, 1914

8. The peaceful people who came out of their underground shelter after a two-day bombardment and heavy fighting around the town of Dong Khoi. Vietnam, June 6, 1965

9. passenger ticket on the Titanic. April 1912

10. Pioneers denounce their peers attending church. USSR, 1930

11. Prince Michael Dolgorukov before the execution, in 1937. Rehabilitated posthumously January 4, 1957. Corpus delicti in his actions were found.

12. The Kremlin is decorated with electric lights in honor of the coronation of Nicholas II. 1896

13. Minors miners hired to work in the coal mines by Pennsylvania Coal Company. USA, 1911

14. KGB spy tied. Moscow 1985

15. Children at the Berlin Wall

16. The Eastern Front, 1941

17. Colony merchant uses a local woman as transport. Bengal, British India, 1903.

18. Hike with a counselor to the places of military glory

19. Search for relatives among the dead, Crimea, 1942

20. Collector butts. Paris, 1900s

21. A former slave shows his scars from the beating, Louisiana USA 1863

22. chalk on the pavement, Artek

23. The cadets Nakhimov Naval College salute veteran Anatoly Leopol'dovich Golimbievskomu 1989

24. German pilot fell from the burning aircraft. The First World War of 1914-1918. Parachutes was not yet.

25. The collapse of the transatlantic liner Normandie, 1942

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