Cheap pharmacy Beauty Tools.

Pharmacies are on sale and ingenious penny means for beauty, which, because of its cheapness usually never lie on the shelves!


1. Good tool paste Sulsena- dandruff for preventing its appearance as well as to nutrition and growth of hair. The pharmacy costs about 50 rubles

2. Ef.maslo lavender - add a few drops of hair conditioner - long hair do not get dirty. It is worth 30 rubles.

3. Repevit. It is a stimulant of the skin of the head. There's all herbal extracts and oils which improve hair growth and strengthen them. It is worth 44 rubles., But the truth is a small bottle.

4. Mask for fast hair growth - oil vitamins A and E, lemon juice, pharmaceutical drug Dimexidum - all 2 teaspoons, stir and polyethylene under an hour. Hair grows very quickly, though a little burn.

5. The mask with sea buckthorn oil

In the treatment of hair loss every day to rub into the roots of 2 hours before washing with hot sea buckthorn oil in a mixture with a drop of shampoo. Wrap foil and a towel. Hold for 1-2 hours, rinse shampoo.

To accelerate the growth of hair do 2 times a week with the addition of hot sea buckthorn oil 1 teaspoon "Dimexidum." "Dimexidum" - a drug for external application that helps medicines and vitamins to penetrate deeper into the skin at the cellular level. Sea buckthorn oil itself accelerates the hair growth and mixed with it helps to grow hair by 3-4 cm per month! If you notice that the hair overfeed oil, after the mask rinse their apple cider vinegar diluted in half with water.

6. Good masochka hair - 2 tablespoons of brandy + honey spoon + Art + oil yaychny yolk burdock. At 30 minutes into the cap. Hair does not climb, shine ... rinse brewed nettle and chamomile ...

7. Hot pepper tincture as a means to strengthen the hair: 1: 1 with castor oil (available with burdock, but I was with my hairdresser advised castor) - a well-shaken bottle of paint to unscrew the spout (and so it is more convenient to apply) and put on the roots, a little rub (massaging), under polietilenchik and towel for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with warm water (2-3 times apply shampoo).

Bitter pepper stimulates circulation and enhances the effect of castor oil. It helps with hair loss, especially in winter and spring, she sometimes use once a week in case of problems.


1. Placenta mask for the face and eyelids. Smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin and lead it in the tone. One mask is 3 times))).

2. Apricot oil.

Obtained from apricot pits, it is rich in vitamins and mineral composition, nourishes and promotes regeneration of sensitive and damaged skin, mucous membranes. Superbly softens and makes the skin firm and elastic, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Massage with apricot oil will bring a lot of pleasant sensations, rejuvenate your skin, giving it a healthy color

3. Cubes herbs! camomile + a train + oil + olive oil, jojoba! And in the freezer! In the morning, wipe the face of a cube! it becomes a fresh, rosy and soft! In general, during the day if the person is tired, it is necessary to wipe and tired face disappears!

4. Broth St. John's wort, if you use every day (I did it with ice cubes). the complexion becomes a light tan, and pimples disappear, dry.

5. Aevitum of wrinkles

6. Blefarogel number one - there is a hyaluronic-ta. From the "bags" under the eyes.

7. Peach oil - at night to smear the skin, softens.

10. Calendula tincture diluted with a little water - to clean the skin.

11. Peeling - Hollywood cleaning: On a clean, dry face applied solution of calcium chloride, wait until dry, then apply a second coat and again wait for drying. Lather your hands with soap and massage the skin, rolling up reel. The mechanism is the following: calcium chloride is reacted with soap (sodium and potassium salt of higher carboxylic acids) formed by sodium or potassium chloride, and the insoluble calcium salt of higher carboxylic acids, which rolls down, simultaneously grasping a part of the top layer of keratin scales. It turns schadyatsy superficial peeling.

The use of calcium chloride to cleanse the skin in the absence of possible inflammatory elements.

13. Peeling lactic acid - surface. lactic acid can be purchased at veterinary pharmacy bottles, or use a drop from the pharmacy Hilak forte, some hilak forte cream is added to 10 drops per 30 ml of cream. of information in the read Hilak forte contains 90% acid.

What to expect from peeling lactic acid - milk peeling can be recommended for sensitive, prone to allergic reactions, skin, smoothes the skin, whitens, moisturizes the skin becomes fresh nourished with moisture, smooth skin., For those who have to glycolic peels allergy.

14. Ointment for 24 rubles heparin-from edema.


1.Morskaya salt - masks polish, bath tonic for the body.

2. For good nail bath of oil. Pour into a bowl olive oil, to 10 minut.Maslo fingers should be warm, but it must be warm in a water bath - in a microwave oven can not.


1. Castor oil capsules and bottles for eyebrows and eyelashes and skin around the eyes, to the growth and strength and beauty,

2. Burdock oil - a mask for hair and eyelashes


1. 2 pills mummy dissolved in a cream and smear zone with stretch marks, before this scrub -from ground coffee. Good for skin tightening and cellulite. But we must constantly do.

2. Cream "Klirvin" - costs around 50 rubles is very good for stretch marks

3. It is also a good help for stretch marks essential oils of Petit Grain and Rosemary. Per serving of cream three droplets. Essential oil should be 100% (also sold in a pharmacy)

At 1 month uhoda-

2 bottle of almond oil with 50 ml

1 bottle of essential oil of rosemary or Petitgrain 10ml

1 bottle of body milk 150ml

If the skin is very retain moisture, in the first month may further require another bottle of almond oil. If necessary, a second course, usually have two a month is enough.

DAILY applied in the morning on stretching 10 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of the basics. As a basis serves almond oil and body lotion. Alternating - one day of oil a day lotion. Apply and rub light massage until completely absorbed. Additionally, you need to buy and take vitamins, whose composition must include vitamin A or beta-carotene, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and amino acids (the building material for the strengthening of the skin) - a set of bee pollen and royal jelly.

Ie external means we activate, awaken the skin, stimulate regeneration. A substance inside serve as material for the construction of new cells. Most courses are for 1 month, enough to give young and fresh stretch marks.

4. Natural homemade cream mummy in the treatment of stretch marks and small scars on the skin: Dissolve 1 g. mummy in a teaspoon of boiling water. Mix with 1 tube (80-100 g.) Baby oil. Rub into the problem areas 1 per day. Store in the refrigerator.


1. Apple cider vinegar from the stars and cellulite on the legs: to rub the leg from the knee up to hip evening after a shower every day. 2 weeks "stars" should significantly posvetlet, no irritation is observed, only the smell.

2. Acetoxy wraps cellulite: apple cider vinegar and water diluted 1: 1. You can add oil of lemon, mint or rosemary. At places affected by cellulite applied a mixture, then they turn around with plastic wrap. It is advisable to wear some warm clothes and, if desired - to actively move or lie down under a blanket for 0, 5-1 hours. The mixture is washed off and use moisturizer & quot ;.

3. Sea salt massage priests and thighs is good to do, strengthen nails - Baths tired legs well in a basin with a solution to hold.

4. Home Coffee Body Mask of cellulite and body fat: the coffee grounds to add a little blue clay and water, better mineral. Massaging, apply to slightly damp skin. Caffeine promotes fat breakdown, and clay "pulls" excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue.


Activated carbon - grind, brush your teeth, rinse well, if you do a couple of times a week - well whitens. You can add in toothpaste drop of lemon oil - also a whitening effect.


1. Chatterbox hand: Mix equal amounts of glycerol, a 70%, ammonia.

2. Chatterbox hand: 2chasti glycerol, 1 part water, ammonia and ethyl ... Apply after wash their hands, and if it is possible, after applying the cotton gloves.

3. Ground coffee, more coffee grounds. I do not throw away, and 5-10 min. I put on your hands. Very good softens, the skin becomes very soft.


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