The recipe for a delicious pilaf experts from Eastern cuisine

Who prepared pilaf once, he says, it's like a ritual in which magic turns the dish. While all steps are performed in a certain sequence, any master would say that it is impossible to make two identical pilaf. Today Editorial Website divided the recipe tested many times. We hope you will like it, too.

So, roll up our sleeves and get down.


Lamb - 1 kg Long grain rice - 500 g onion big - 5 pieces 1 small onion Vegetable oil - 200 ml (or garbanzo visceral fat - 200 g) Garlic - 2 heads Carrots large (ideally, yellow) - 4 pieces Pepper chili - 2 pieces Kumin (cumin), beans - 1 tablespoon Salt and pepper to taste Barberry dried - 1 tablespoon Prunes with bone - 8-10 pieces Raisins dark pitted - 150 g


The red-hot cauldron oil. If you are using mutton fat, then heated with it and remove the cracklings. They can be sprinkled with fine salt and then be used to prepare delicious scrambled eggs or fried potatoes. In oil fry a small onion as long as it does not turn black. Remove the bulb. Onions cut into half rings, long carrot sticks, a thickness of about 2-3 mm. In the hot oil and fry the onion toss it until dark golden brown. This will give you afloat beautiful color. Then add the carrots and cook it until it is soft. Fire can be a little smaller. Intensively mixed vegetable mixture to roasting was uniformly.

Once the carrots become soft, with a slotted spoon Put vegetable mixture in a separate bowl. Combine fire and red-hot oil again. Rub in the palm of cumin and toss it into the cauldron, so it will give all the flavor. Then put the meat cut into cubes (size 3-4 cm) and mix. Lamb should just grab a brownish crust. It is important that the oil is hot, otherwise it will start to provide juice and stew. If the juice is still separated, cook lamb to the point where the oil becomes transparent. This is a sign that the meat is ready. Ovine add vegetable mixture, stir and cook together for another 3 minutes.

To this mixture, add the boiling water. It must cover the contents of the cauldron by about 3 cm. Add the red peppers, peeled garlic cloves whole, barberry, prunes, salt and pepper. This mixture is called zirvak. Zirvak Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 40 minutes, he scored to the desired color. While preparing zirvak, rinse the rice in several waters so that the water became transparent. Drain.

Try zirvak. He should be a little salty. Be calm, rice take excess salt and further pilaf not be bland. From ready zirvak lay pods of red pepper. Put the rice in the meat and flatten. Zirvak should cover the rice by about 2 cm. Bring the mixture to a boil. To figure uniformly prepared, it is important to carefully slotted spoon just take the upper layers of rice and flip them. In no case do not mix it with the meat. The contents of the cauldron with a wooden stick make vertical holes that the meat does not burn. As soon as the liquid in the holes will gleam, reduce heat to low and cover with a lid pilaf. Note the 20 minutes, at which time Fig absorb the remaining liquid and is cooked through. Sprinkle raisins rice and turn off the heat. Let sit afloat about 20-30 minutes, so it will be even tastier.

Put the risotto on a wide color dish, garnish with garlic and peppers from the pilaf. Call everyone to the table and enjoy!


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