7 types of people, which is best avoided

The only relationships with other people that are useful to us - those that make us better. Therefore, we must be able to choose the right social circle.

1. Queen scandals

Some people like to arrange tantrums and scandals without any obvious reason. Do not go at them on occasion. Stay calm, do not meddle in other people's scandals and do not arrange their own. The louder the shouts your opponent, the more he wants to blow up the scandal, the calmer and more confident you need to think and talk. Do not let the hurt you for a living.
And if after that someone will try to impose your own negative and unnecessary scandals, just turn away from it and move on.

2. Always and everywhere dissatisfied with your personality

All of us on our life's journey met people humiliate us, treat us with no respect and generally Saw down on us for no apparent reason and bases. Do not waste time trying to change them or win their approval, and especially not to stoop to hatred. Some people are just impossible to please - you can not reach them, no matter what you were doing. Just accept this fact.

3. pessimist, clipping the wings of your dreams

Stop to chat with someone who makes fun of your dreams. These people reduce your potential, slowly but surely quench your inner confidence his caustic comments and diminished expectations. They just gives it pleasure.
Remember, your chances are not determined by other people's opinions. So be optimistic, reject the opinions of others and the limitations and try to see in it something far greater than anyone thinks.

4. Pointing

Beware manipulators fans to push their views and in general anyone who tries to use his negative control your thoughts. Recognize them is quite simple: if you look at them from the side, you can see that they are often too fixated on itself. In other words, the people around them are part of their life only to the extent that they can be used for personal gain. And if you suddenly need to answer their help, most likely, they will be "too busy" or altogether denied direct text.

5. Stubborn, I think you should be someone else

Unfortunately, often family members and old friends just do not see how you've changed and grown over the years. Or they have a tendency to hang on your labels, based on the person to whom you were once - and this is the most dangerous. With such allegations is very easy to accept, because you yourself remember that once they were true.
The really know what's going on in your head, you can only yourself. You have no control over what other people think about you people, but how to deal with their opinion, to solve only to you. Let them do what they want, you are not required to have somehow respond.

6. Demanding friend, you are not forgiving mistakes

A man of honor - this is not the one who never makes mistakes, but there is no such, but the one who recognizes them and tries to fix them.
We learn from our mistakes, and they are part of any large-scale enterprise. But if someone refuses to help you grow and correct your mistakes - that's really almost unforgivable mistake on their part. Cling to the past in which nothing will be able to fix it - it means wasting power, which would be useful to create a better future. And if someone is constantly judging you for your past reminds you all the mistakes and you refuse to forgive them - why do not you make your future a better place, leaving the man in the past?

7. The inner critic

Here you go! I did not expect? Yes, the most ruthless critic that stuck in your head.
Such criticism often leads to unhappiness and general dissatisfaction - and, in general, you do not need at all. What mercilessly criticize himself, biting into his own thoughts for each defect? All you have to really - the courage to be themselves. Your value is in who you are and not who you are not.
And those "bugs" that you sought out a - perhaps they simply traits of your personality. After all, you are bound to have something unique and unique. You are different from others. You will never be like them, and they will never be you. And, just as no two snowflakes, your fingerprints are unique. You are different - and that's fine. To you came into this world to tell him who you are, and enjoy each passing moment. And when you accept this, you will realize that you have no reason to compare yourself to someone else. And your inner critic, in general, and to criticize is nothing.


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