To find a goal in life, you need to ask yourself these 15 questions

Online magazine The MindUnleashed instruction was to find a greater purpose in life. Editorial text very much, and we decided to publish it. < Everyone sooner or later asks a question: what is its real purpose? What does he have to get to know that he lived life is not in vain?

Of course, I understand that everyone is different, and everyone thinks about it differently. Yet for many, many people my findings coincide with their own reality.

Just specify that purpose in life will be constantly changing. This is normal. You can not plan his life until the last day. Strictly speaking, everything in life changes are usually much faster than we see.

Therefore, you need a goal is not for life, but at least for the next few years. Here are 15 questions to help find her.

1. What gives me energy? H3> The activities that bring you closer to your goal, energized. The same things that we do not like, we take power. Monitor your body and mind. If you think that you feel tired over the years, then you need a new orientation in life.

2. What worries me is? H3> Important and nice things you can skillfully combine. Here are just a need to clearly understand what is important to you, and that - for the family, for parents, for friends or for a boss. The more things you do for yourself, not for others, the happier they'll be. And the easier it will be to overcome the obstacles on the way.

3. What do I think when I wash in the shower? H3> The time when you take a shower, can be the most enjoyable for the whole day. This is normal, as is typical for almost all. So somehow Think about what you normally think of when doing morning procedures. About the new project? About family? Travel?

You definitely need to think about it all. And if that - different priorities.

4. What kind of things people ask me? H3> People ask for your opinion on any issue? What can you tell us as an expert? The answer to this question tells us in which areas you could be useful to the world.

5. What I'm talking to loved ones? H3> What are you talking about in the family? What stories are telling the partner, and on what topics usually you talk to your father? Are you sure that with the majority of interviewees is you set the tone of the conversation?

6. What am I doing in your free from work, family and hobbies time? H3> Your actions indicate your true priorities.

7. What I've read lately? H3> These were the books or articles on the Internet? Professional and recreational materials? Answer this question and you will find out what you're actually interested in.

8. What dreams I dream? H3> Dream - is what's going on in your subconscious. Look for meaning in dreams, but on their own without esoteric wisdom.

9. When and under what circumstances, I recently felt the most alive? H3> Here it is!

10. How often do the same as my interests and my abilities? What a childish fear I still have to overcome? H3>

11. What would I do if the money had no meaning for me? H3>

12. What would I do if I absolutely 100% not interested in what people think about me other people? H3> Once you have become a lot of money, the only limitation is your opinion. What would you do if there were no restrictions? If you were completely free and can do anything, no matter what life you lived?

13. What things are important to me? H3> What is the point in your diary the most important? What made the case will give you a deep sense of satisfaction? Surely this is the case, that move you towards a certain goal. What has not yet been realized?

14. What are the skills I could mix together, the result has been of interest to other people? H3> How to find your own style and create a perfect product? Mix together a few key their skills. Steve Jobs was a tough businessman, because he knew how to combine the two geniuses: mathematics and the humanities, and the advertiser technician, engineer and inventor of stories.

Do you remember a story about a baseball coach who successfully crossed sports and statistics? So, find out what make the mix - it will have a sense of your work, and perhaps life.

15. If you were given the opportunity to talk a little bit, "Statement", but only in two sentences, what would they be? H3> I ask myself this question regularly. Every few months, for years. I think your current identity is more important than your personal history. Get rid of the burden of the past. Do not worry about the future - it take care of itself. Think about who you are and what's important to you right now.

Good luck in search of something called "lifeĀ»!

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