25 cities in the world, who photographed more often

On the ground, there are so many dizzying places from which the heart goes to the heel. But some of them are very popular and have earned a pride of place in all kinds of tourist rankings. Editorial popular fotosoobschestva 500px decided to find out what places on the planet often removed.

Website feels that the effort is justified: before you top 25 most photographed cities.

25. Florence, Italy h3>

24. Montreal, Canada h3>

23. Barcelona, ​​Spain h3>

22. Taipei, Taiwan h3>

21. Vancouver, Canada h3>

20. Vienna, Austria h3>

19. Lisbon, Portugal h3>

18. Sao Paulo, Brazil h3>

17. Kiev, Ukraine h3>

16. Milan, Italy h3>

15. Seattle, USA h3>

14. Moscow, Russia h3>

13. Vestmannaeyjar archipelago (Vestmannaeyar), Iceland h3>

12. Istanbul, Turkey h3>

11. Tokyo, Japan h3>

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands h3>

9. Venice, Italy h3>

8. Chicago h3>

7. Rome, Vatican City, Italy h3>

6. San Francisco, USA h3>

5. Singapore h3>

4. Toronto, Canada h3>

3. London, United Kingdom h3>

2. Paris, France h3>

1. New York, USA h3>

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