9 ways to use toothbrush for beauty. Number 3 I was interested!

Double entry Daily brushing is a must for all people who want to have healthy teeth and gums. But few know that the toothbrush can also be used for other purposes. Editorial advises to use this thing for the benefit of the exterior. Take on arming the 10-beauty tricks that are likely to be useful to you.

1. Care Lip
After brushing you need to take care of lips. Good massage them with a brush. With this massage you do lip color more vivid and removes dead skin particles. Optionally, you can cook scrub. Mix 1 ch. L. olive oil and a pinch of sugar. Apply the mixture on the brush and a little massage your lips. After necessarily apply a chapstick.


2. Creating hairstyles
To hairs without distracting from the hair, apply a varnish or hair gel on the toothbrush. Smoothed her hair.


3. Caring for eyebrows
In recent years, women prefer a wide, well-groomed and natural brows. If you do not have at hand a special brush, toothbrush wonderful rascheshet eyebrows. It can also be applied a special gel for eyebrows.


4. Cuticle
Council to soften cuticles, Make the tub for hands and then rub cuticle brush. Apply on the nails a special balm or oil.


5. Make bouffant
To give hair volume, please use a toothbrush. It will create a stunning bouffant.


6. Stylish manicure
Cover the nail varnish and immediately Walk brush them tapping movements. This yields an interesting relief. If you apply multiple coatings to be even nicer.


7. Clear the comb
With the help of this useful device and can be a good soap to clean hairbrushes and combs.


8. Comb lashes
The bristles of the toothbrush is much thinner than even the smallest tooth comb. So many beauty bloggers share eyelashes is using it.


9. Dye your hair
If you need to touch up the roots, or to make subtle color strands, armed with a toothbrush.


Some tricks can be seen in the video.

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