To take pictures of the tree as a whole, the photographers took 32 days

This huge tree, known as the President already 3200 years. The uniqueness of the plant is that its extremely large size for a long time did not allow it fully to capture a single photo. For the first time it was possible team of photographers and scientists of National Geographic.

< Website I have decided to share with you this incredible story.

Giant sequoia reaches 75 m in height and 1 275 cubic meters. m screen.

The trunk of the tree up to 8 m wide, and its mighty branches hold needle 2 billion - more than any other tree in the world.

In addition, the tree is still growing very rapidly.

This giant sequoia grows only in one place - in the Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park, California, USA. Small trees are too close to the peculiar name - "House" and "SenateĀ».

For a long time the tree nobody has been able to shoot the whole.

Group of photographers and scientists of National Geographic was the first who did it. Specialists use a lot of techniques to scale the tree which, according to some claims, is the largest in the world.

After 32 days of information and 126 individual photos they finally got the portrait of the President, which is breathtaking.

And here he is in all its glory.



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