Take care of a person

Nick Vujcic once said: "When you do not know what is the meaning of life - it helps." So little and at the same time a lot can be done to those who are near. Often this is called spontaneous acts of kindness. And not only to people but also to those who can not give anything in return. We can pass, and we can share what we have - caring, kind attitude. Our younger brothers could not speak, but satisfy the gratitude - service, dedication, especially eyes. At such moments svetleesh soul and realize that a small business can lead to big changes.

Website is divided into moments of life of people with a big heart.

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Who has seen death, the value of life znaet31d2d69f1d.jpg


A new friend

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Instead of a thousand words, you can just reach ruku65a1466836.jpg

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Give hugs legkob8b7cc623a.jpg

What can we build a house? Draw - we live! 569dd8223c.jpg

War does not negate dobroty3b3a3569e8.jpg

When another life vazhnee94281abb0d.jpg

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