Airsoft in Novosibirsk


What is airsoft? It is an exciting sport game that combines the opportunity to practice good body and a good time with friends. Weapon Usage strongly resembles martial. Good airsoft club provides an opportunity to feel like a real soldier, providing uniforms and other necessary equipment.

The firing range and Tactics Wars h2>

Unlike paintball, where you can hit the enemy at a distance of no more than 10 meters, and range can be up to 30 meters single shots and up to 50 meters - turn. This is not taking into account the additional improvements that can still increase the range of lesions. Upgrade weapons could fall into the enemy's 100 meters and more.
Airsoft Novosibirsk - this is premeditated war theater. The competition can take several days. Scenarios of battles may imply the presence of hostages, previously prepared bunkers, trenches. Airsoft games could include mine-clearing bombs, capture position or their defense. Sometimes you have to wait a couple of nights in a row the enemy's attack.

Terms and weapons h2>

Airsoft Novosibirsk has a few differences in the rules of paintball. These include:

  • form. In airsofte commonly used form, similar to the regular army, with all the equipment, and paintball - a special outfit just for this game.
  • Murder. Airsoft for beginners and professionals do not use the balls of paint, so death is determined according to participants. Typically, players playing for a long time with each other, will not cheat and immediately recognize the hit.
  • Weapons. Paintball use gas-cylinder installations, which are mounted on a rifle and make it unnatural. The airsoft gun is not much different from the present of mind. Thanks to the concept of electromechanical cartridges are placed into the body without changing the appearance of the weapon. Because of the smaller bullets, the threat of injury in airsoft lower.
    Impact force airsoft provides all the necessary equipment for the game in many cities of Russia. The weapon is very difficult to distinguish from the present, even the professionals. According to the principles of its operation it can be divided into three types:
    • gas;
    • on batteries;
    • samovozvodyascheesya.
      In addition to games, rifles, machine can be presented grenades, machine guns, replicas of guns. Trunks are often equipped with a telescopic sight and a night vision device.
      Airsoft - sport, team work training, entertainment. After each event, participants receive a maximum of impressions and new knowledge.



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