How to choose a sauna in Novosibirsk

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Well when you have relatives or friends that can recommend a good sauna in town. If not, the institution will have to pick up yourself. Guide in this case following a period of operation, reviews, distance from home and rates.

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Period of work
It refers to a General period of time during which a sauna. Some institutions have begun to work in recent time, other doors opened for guests a few months or years. If the sauna is new, it is unlikely to find any information online or among friends. You'll have to rely on personal intuition, and it can fail. Of course, it is likely that the rest of the newly opened school will be held by the upper class, but there's also the reverse situation. To protect yourself from the latter, it is better to visit a proven place with a positive reputation.

Residents of Novosibirsk, visited some saunas in the city, be sure to share your impressions about the institutions on independent resources or forums. They are not shy to talk about the pros and cons of baths, and don't forget to give recommendations to those who are going to visit them. Reviews not recommended to read on the websites of the institutions. Here they are extremely positive. After all, no organization will be to post comments showing her bad side. Reviews will allow an idea of what awaits guests in the school and how well steam works.

The distance from home
Well-developed public transport, taxi services are much more affordable, and many people in the country to have their own cars. At first glance, is not difficult to get anywhere. Even if the property is in another area of the city, covering a distance will be only a matter of time. In General this is true, but why waste time on the transfer and money, even if in your area you can find a lot of saunas. After visiting places just want to sleep, as it should, and not remain in the vehicle for about half an hour.
Price range

The cost is indicated per hour. Cheap sauna is designed for ordinary customers who prefer all the classic and standard. Those that are more expensive, have designer finishes, instead of the baptismal font water pool and several relaxation rooms with a gym. You should decide whether it is necessary to overpay, if the purpose of the visit is only to the usual stay in the steam room.

Other aspects
Begin to look for the sauna in advance — about a month before the proposed date of visit. Taking into account the points above, consider the following:
— number of visitors. If there is a big company in the establishment, it is necessary to ensure that in any place everyone will feel comfortable;
— ability to purchase a broom. In the sauna and in the bath, it is possible to use brooms. To make sure that their willing to sell administrator;
— operating time. It is better if the sauna in Novosibirsk is available.
If the rest was as follows, take note of the place and visit from time to time.

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