Google will release a tablet under the brand Pixel

Resource AndroidPolice rights of exclusive information говорит Google plans to release a tablet under the brand Pixel with wide screen and a serious hardware stuffing. Diagonal device, which codename sounds like Ryu, will be 10.2 inches with a pixel density of 308ppi equal and very bright illumination of 500 nits. The processor will be used as a 4-core NVIDIA X1, and will be responsible for the graphics chip type Maxwell. Amount of RAM type LPDDR4 is 3 GB.

Photos of the device, or even renders it is not, but the concept of the device is that it will be a "laptop without a keyboard." It is likely that in this case there is meant lineup expensive notebooks Pixel, search giant released in March this year. These are expensive devices, with aluminum body, SSD-drives and processors Intel Core i5. The operating system they use ChromeOS. Minimum Price Pixel-beech trees is $ 999. Apparently, if the tablet Pixel indeed appear, ChromeOS will be replaced by Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

An additional accessory to the tablet Pixel will act keyboard - optional: aluminum or leather. As a port for charging and for communication to be used USB Type-C. All this ultimately makes the new tablet from Google is relatively expensive device. The date for its release later this year determined.

In mid-September the resource Digitimes predicted increase in the number of products on the market such as "2 in 1": in other words, tablets with plug keyboards that will allow itself to quickly organize a workplace without a laptop. This trend is associated with the introduction of iPad Pro, which has been submitted to Apple on September 9, and further development of the tablet Surface from Microsoft, the third version to be submitted by 6 October.



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