Bavaria knows how it ended in the video Heineken

Beer brand Bavaria decided to use the successful movie «Walk-In-Fridge», created by the Dutch agency TBWA \ Neboko for Heineken. The movie "Walk-in refrigerator", which shows an incredibly enthusiastic reaction of men to such a treasure here, immediately got the lead in popularity among the commercials on YouTube, typing in less than two months, about five million hits on YouTube. Bavaria has decided not to seek new ways and play video on a competitor.

And appeared on YouTube video, which shows an alternative outcome of events from the point of view of the other guest of the party. Improper real man squeaks and squeals coming from the room fridge, crammed full of beer Heineken, tired of a brutal guest, and it extricate itself from them is very inhumane way. And then celebrated the attainment of peace with a can of Bavaria and the wives of intemperate emotions of men.

The original video from Heineken TBWA \ Neboko

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  • 3 March 2009
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