The magic of the moving images and Audi Q5

Ogilvy Johannesburg to recall the children's favorite way of creating magic in advertising Audi Q5. In English it is called a flip book, in Russian there is no such capacious word, but almost every one of us having fun, drawing on pieces of exercise book of a character in different poses, and then causing it to move very quickly flipping through the pages. Such simple "cartoons" - it is naive magic.

Audi Q5, and Ogilvy, together with prodakshenom Egg Films, directed by Kim Geldenhuys and post-production Black Ginger, bring this magic to perfection, skillfully combining in the video «Flip Book» movement from books with pictures and real life.

Awesome optical illusion created "live", reflects the essence of the global communication strategy of automobile concern - "perfectly synchronized engineering."

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  • March 23, 2009
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