Car robot Audi A7 drove itself from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas

The Audi A7 was able to conduct himself, moving with a speed of about 110 kph (70 mph). Demonstrating their achievements in the field of technology self-driving cars, robots, Audi allowed journalists to travel from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, staying in the cabin experienced car robot based on the Audi A7. And, according to available information, the robot car is wonderful coped with its task during the trip, the range is made up of 885 kilometers (550 miles).

"The test drive from the West coast of California to Las Vegas demonstrates the leading position of our company among other companies-manufacturers engaged in the development of Autonomous vehicles-robots" — said Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg (Ulrich Hackenberg), head of Department of development of new technologies, company Audi, — "Test drive took place in real traffic and this event became possible thanks to cooperation of our specialists with the specialists of the laboratory for scientific research and development electronics company Volkswagen (Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory, ERL)".

The Audi A7 was able to conduct himself, moving with a speed of about 110 kph (70 mph), using a combination of cameras, radar and lasers. In motion the car can perform quite complex maneuvers in restructuring in the other lane, overtaking and other actions, adapting to the current traffic situation for other road users. If the control system considers the implementation of a safe maneuver in a given time, the vehicle performs this maneuver in a timely manner and with precision.

However, the prototype car robot Audi A7 is able to move independently only on a suburban road. Once the vehicle sensors register the approach to the village, the system repeatedly alerts the driver and gives him control of the car.

Yet the management of the company Audi is not reporting even the approximate date of the beginning of the release of their Autonomous vehicles. But, according to them, the company has all necessary technologies, which in the case of the positive decision, will allow to establish production of cars and robots in the very near future.



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