Based on Youtube made the world's first interactive advertising in the first person

Trend audience influence the course of copywriters and direct interaction with them remains one of the most important in the advertising industry. And is increasingly developing - launched the world's first interactive quest. In this quest every visitor YouTube may build himself a logical chain of events and either go to prison or to a party.

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London police launched an Internet campaign Drop The Weapons (¬ęDrop the weapon"), which is trying to convince young people of London did not carry any weapons on the streets. Because somehow, it's not a good end. The interactive campaign consisting of several commercials, linked in chains, offering the audience to choose further action heroes, the eyes of the viewer is looking at what is happening.

The viewer is drawn into this game with the consequences of the first roll, and where you need to make the first choice to take or not to take a kitchen knife with him into the street, where the name of the hero friends. And it's not only time will have to decide in favor of or against the weapons, because the situation in a non-touristic quarters of London is that weapons, both cold and fire, young people on the streets too. In connection with the city authorities are launching a campaign with calls to abandon the cold arms for the third year "Wear a knife and be a laughing stock", "Carry a knife, and the offender will be easier for you to kill," "Wear a knife, and the consequences will be."

Each option in this year's campaign entails the whole story, but the version with a knife in any case ends badly.

The campaign is held under the slogan "Choose a different ending."

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