Viral Factory and Samsung reveals the secrets of successful pictures

A new interactive online video shows who is hidden behind the beautiful and harmless photos of participants of popular social networks. The Viral Factory continues to make viruses for Samsung. The collection is already online clips video tricks with cameras, phones Samsung Jet, laptops, LED-TVs, and even packaging. Another video shows the miracles of transformation, which are capable of new cameras Samsung.

A distinctive feature of the camera Samsung ST550 and TL 225 is the presence of two screens - front and back. The display on the front panel is designed for the photographer could take yourself effortlessly. Built-in position sensor can pinpoint the creative idea of ​​the photographer and save the picture in a way that did not have it then rotated for easy viewing.

According to Sang Jin Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging, cameras will become a fixture for those people who use popular social networks, and for families who want to see the picture everyone, including the photographer.

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On zavsegdateley social networks and calculate a new online video by The Viral Factory. Following the example of the Metropolitan Police, which has recently launched on Youtube the world's first interactive advertising in the first person, Samsung also created an interactive video showing that for cute and harmless at first glance, photographs hidden aliens, witches, vampires and other evil spirits.

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