In Wordshop will take talent, not the rich

Svetlana Maybrodskaya: We have with Lenya Feigin a battle on the subject, someone to teach. It is hard as a rock and wants only trained to teach children. I partially agree with it, but here's the problem - the general level is so lame and sire, that I want to write here are angry stati.3 September, we have selected works of art at the Faculty of Communication Academy direkshn Wordshop. It took 11 out of 80. The rest of the jury "rejected" ... For two reasons - no taste and is not impressive.

Total disaster many works that open the first page - and immediately want to close it, so everything is weak and lifeless. "Kasha" from poorly-chosen low-quality images. The abundance of fonts. Poshlenko background. The absence of the composition. Total impersonality of all the works as a whole and of each in particular.

The second "disease" - is the lack of flight and experiment. I would like to tender the work surprised. We agree even on what the person is still a lot do not know how, do not know, and this contest works, we can say, made his first life step to the profession ... But if there is a "gift of God" when he is not afraid of bold ideas, we are ready to forgive him for his ignorance, because such a person we want to teach.

But these really brave little work. Most - solid boredom. Everything seems to be formally stuff: logos, posters, and accepted by the customer, and scripts, and Internet sites, but still some regular, boring, "old-school» ...

And more surprised by the absence of mass rush to get to the free training. We have 3 free places (one for each faculty - copywriting, art direkshn and producing), we are ready to give a chance to the three talented and successful applicants. And what?! Only a few works. Is it all so do not believe in themselves, are afraid to take the risk (and the risk is not great - only time spent) ...

Set the Academy continues until 25 September. We hope that we will still be strong and vibrant work. And we will be together is interesting - to teach and learn.

Children! Do not be afraid to express themselves. Do not be afraid of tasks. Your portfolio can be feykovye and your posters painted pen on a paper napkin. The main thing - it is your desire to surprise and the presence of taste. Because of these two things, it seems, can not be taught.

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