Advertising of water and light

Agency BDDP & Fils in Paris held an unusually beautiful ambience, dedicated to the World Water Day. Non-profit organization Solidarités International, which specializes in helping countries in difficulty to meet the most basic human needs, please contact Parisian agency with a request to draw attention to the problem of the French shortage of drinking water in the world and increase the flow of donations.
The agency has proposed a solution that edition CampaignBrief named top contender for gold in Cannes this year.

In the heart of Paris at the Palais-Royal near the Louvre was installed specially developed design - a dynamic poster of light and water. Streams of water and fed the rays of light created the lettering and images that first intrigued passers-by, and then explained the essence. The combination of terrible messages and the incredible beauty of the incident highlighted the water reinforces the impression.

"I kill more than cancer. I kill more than AIDS. I kill more than war. I kill 15 people every minute. I am a leading cause of death in the world. I - unsafe water, which they drink ».

It was also created online video, telling about the event and about the problem of those who are not able to see it live. Production of the company has implemented Cosa. Directing Les Jandj. 32 in stock! 41 Comments
  • 15 April 2010
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