Family tradition

The beginning of this story lies in the far already 80.
In ninth grade high school comes a new chemistry teacher. Young, beautiful. Immediately after high school ped. Well, due to the relatively small difference in age is immediately in the classroom is kind of like an older girlfriend. In any case, the male part of the class. But the story is not about that.
And one of the lessons, talking about the properties of sodium, it admits the mistake of telling the public that said metal in contact with water releases hydrogen. A hydrogen - quite flammable, it can be said explosive. And at a certain ratio of sodium / water explosion will occur in anyone.
Two of our heroes, vtershis the confidence of a naive teacher, got into laborantskuyu and umyknuli pretty big chunk of sodium. Started pyromania. Omit the description of the experiments, the purpose of which was to determine the concentration required for an explosion. There was a broken and a pile of dishes, and start at the ceiling bucket that young testers covered container, but the main thing was to find out - if sodium put on ice, the explosion of the same will be, because the desired concentration is reached in any case.
And that was selected suitable piece of ice under the drain pipe and chemists pyrotechnics began a series of experiments. That is, put a piece of sodium on the ice, moving away to a safe distance and watched.
After most of the pieces had been spent in the window appeared sleepy face of a man already advanced age. Face something displeased pronounced, but because through the double glass could not hear a fig, it caused a suicide attack unhealthy laughter.
Face, contorted another pantomime, disappeared from the window, and pyromaniac, putting the latest and greatest piece on the ice began to move away from the place of the failed negotiations.
A minute later, however, they covered the wild op. Looking back, they saw the named person from the window, already with the rest of the body, dressed in a scenic jogging suit, jumped out, screaming wildly and threatening them with every imaginable penalties. And under the feet of loudmouth smoked the same piece of sodium. Say anything, our heroes do not have time.
The explosion occurred. The scene at the time of the fog-shrouded. And when the fog lifted, it became clear that the avenger in torn sweat pants sitting on this very ice. Well, there after a series of explosions was not ice, but rather concentrated lye. And the liquor burned tender loins awakened athlete.
Burns gives strength. Grabbing was lying armaturinami, muzhichek wild jumps rushed to pyromania. Bute - run. And our heroes rushed.
Their route ran past the house of a friend. And just when they drew level with the entrance, got out of the parents of a dunce. How polite people, one of them wanted to slow down, to greet each other with their parents, but the second thwarted politesse on the vine, in the same breath throw another: "Then !!!" and parents: "You did not see us." And a couple of suicide disappeared around the corner.
On further developments they learned already from parents. (Here it should be noted that the father, who turned out on the street, was quite famous in the city surgeon)
Losing sight of the offenders, shaking armaturinami and belching wild mate, alternating with the sacramental "give birth to monsters" muzhichek caught up with the parents of one of dunce.
Matyuknuvshis tired at last, he suddenly looked at the parents and, for a moment to clarify a person suddenly asked:
-Vladimir Ivanovich, and you have them, do not happen to know?
Mom responded instantly:
No, we do not know.
... And recently, that same doctor told her son to the parents' meeting that his child pyromaniac ... Home Schooling Family traditions can be said. Continuity.


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