On the run

If you do not have an aunt.
Aunt call. (Photo and phone attached)

Over the years, you realize why mortgage contract attached to a small clinic for organ transplantation.

 - Give me the phone, I'll call Denis
 - He sat.
 - He sat down? I saw it only yesterday ...

 - Here, son, I'll jam cooked as you like, with the bones.
 - Mom, maybe it does not jam, but still ear?
 - This jam! What I wonder to two kilos of sugar vbuhali?! ..

Another 10 years of prices and wages, and instead of the census will roll.

 - Mom, I'm going to shoot at passers-by?
 - All right, son. Only in the church do not dance.

Once Nikita Mikhalkov went to church, and lost there among the icons.

Stars - a small hole in the floor of Paradise.

In the competition for the most creative tattoo dude won with the word "fence" on the penis.

The country's leadership is necessary to instruct the proctologist. Will also do all through the ass, but at least professionally.

The young geography teacher asked Vovochku show Rome, and in the evening a happy couple throwing all rushed to the city of eternal love.


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