Police from the Altai region rescued two children and then adopted them.

The three-year and two-year Maxim Dima lived in a village in the Altai Territory. Pope they've never seen. However, the mother is also seen infrequently - the sons of the woman left alone, running on "a date" for the next gentleman. Once a neighbor noticed that it was too long to be seen near the house mother, and called the police.

On the call came a group, which included, in addition to employee juvenile was also police lieutenant Sergei Sharauhov, a former policeman, who was in four hot spots.

 - When we entered the house, heart sank, - says Sergey. - I've seen a lot, but that is in our days! The Venue domishke embossed box that plugged a three-year Maxim things not to muzzle. But the court in March! Pillows or curtains or products. The eldest of the boys, Maxim, saved a single loaf of bread, which he and his brother had been: Dima gave a little bite bread, and then hid loaf - did not know how much they will have to sit alone. To warm little brother, he wrapped it in a mattress. My mind immediately flashed - "pick them up", and asked aloud: "Will go with me?" But then they got scared. Then Maxim heard the story, cried out: "Dad, you and I did not immediately recognize something? !!»
 - I have chills running hand, and tears welling ... here it is impossible to remain indifferent ... - is still worrying, stumbles on a word, Sergei.

It turned out that the brothers sat in a cold house for six days. If not for the vigilance of the neighbor is unknown, would have saved them. The boys immediately rushed to the hospital: medical treatment, clean up and, of course, feed.

Sergey also called his wife Elena and excitedly talked about the foundling. The next morning they had gone together to visit the boys to the hospital, gaining fruit and toys ...

 - I immediately realized it was serious when Serge called, - says Elena. - Our young son had just turned one year old. (And Lena had three daughters from a previous marriage). And when he got home, my husband just could not find the place itself. Sitting silently in their own thoughts. "Let them take away, Len!" - This is not discussed. The couple just bought kids clothes, as they have absolutely nothing. Lena year-old child in her arms went around all the rooms and defended more than one line to collect all the pieces of paper for adoption. Mom and Dad Sergei and Lena came to be called the children still in the hospital.

Maxim is now 5 years old, Dima - 4. Max talks like an adult. In all copies Sergei dad.

 - You will see a flower, immediately picks and carries it to me - Lena laughs. - Stool bring and put next to the village and the rest, taking care to dine in time. He says, "You know, Mom, I'll be like our dad. I will have a big family, a house and I never leave my children! "


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