Promotional photos Season 5

Promo photo shoot for the fifth season of the famous television series "House." On our screens we showed him some reason called "Family doctor" 0_o.
If you like crisp saturated interesting movies, make sure you take a look. The story is developing so rapidly and prredskazuemo that you next turn on a series of captivity. (So please be more careful, the whole series smotritsa in one breath.)
For information: Dr. House - nasty personality. Alcoholic and drug addict, he rebuked his migraine LSD, and when get off your Vicodin almost ditched his patient. Besides his addiction to gambling. He is cynical and rude. Breakfast, spreading food on comatose patients, for it is not a problem. But there is one but. Only he can make the correct diagnosis to the patient, from which almost all doctors refused. Every week a new mystery ... a new business, which is tough for just one team, headed by Dr. House.


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