Interesting shower curtain

Creative man shows his originality in everything and everywhere. Even dushe.Kazhdy household items can and should be beautiful, functional and interesting. This is confirmed by designers all over the world, coming up with things that adorn every single moment of our life, including such intimate as pomyvka.

In this material, collected 40 Creative curtains for the shower. Get inspired.


Social curtain

Shutters for boys

Curtain for girls.

Like the Big Bang Theory

Blood curtain

Horror and suspense


Crime scene

The shadow of the great rubber duck

Shower can not be displayed

Confessions of a shower curtain

To write or not to write the soul - that is the question.

Classification seals

Classification of emoticons

Archimedes bath

For yablofanatov

Magnetic curtain


World Map

London Underground Map

Subway map of New York

Brooklyn Bridge



Sea theme

Curtain with pockets

Shaggy curtain

Tree in the shower

In the words of the curtain 500 school test SAT

Useful invention № 1: Spikes inflated and kicked you out of the shower, if you're splashing out there too long and do not conserve water.

Useful invention number 2: How to wash a dog after a walk and not be dirtier than a dog has to bathing.

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Comfortable design

Designed for cats



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