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Site thought and decided that advertisers could easily communicate using only phrases from filmov.Rabota advertiser is sometimes similar to a movie. When the comedy as a horror movie, and when a farce. With the participation of all agencies, clients, and other prodakshenov. And some phrases from the movie perfect fall on a daily basis what is happening in the advertising industry.

Editorial remembered a few dozen suitable kinotsitat and offers to participate in the expansion of this phrase.

Before client vstrechey- "Remember us. Remember, what we lost "(" 300 ", pronounced with pathos and anguish)

- "Well, I'll run, and the Inquisitor is angry when we are late for a morning torture" ("Interns»)

On the client vstrechah- "Do not make me nerves, where they have yet to spoil" (liquidation)

- "Well this were the same people as people, and suddenly all at once began to suck. Paradox "(Brother-2)

- "I, my dear, you'll put the injury is now" (Down House)

- "It is necessary to adopt, as the grass should be green" (99 francs)

- "This is how so something ?! How did something ?! "(interns)

On domestic prezentatsiyah- "Do not listen to him, he's out of his mind. You see what he did with the laurel bushes? Previously, he was the Controller in the subway, composted tickets. And for three months every night he gets up and punches here, these are my laurel bushes. " (Amelie)

- "I have no one to say that our rendezvous in a fucking basement" (Inglourious Basterds)

- "Well, seven and a half thousand, for the freak show, with a balalaika in a bath - often ..." (Election Day)

- "Sho you cry, Mama, I understand the words!" (Liquidation)

Upon receipt or distribution zadaniya- "Relax and about anything not to think. It's not hard to you, right? "(Avatar)

- "So, today is no death ... do not spoil my record!" (Avatar)

- "My head has now turned into a black hole" (The Expendables)

- "Welcome to Hell! And now to make soup "(Ratatouille)

- "And do not come back without Christmas trees. And with a herringbone pattern, he says vozvraschaaaaysya "(last year's snow was falling)

- "If you give me a fireplace as well as a bath do, I'm in the bathroom did not drown in the fireplace nuuu exactly burn!" (Dead Man's Bluff)

In brainstorming sessions and internal vstrechah- "Turuk Mactan, I fly with you" ("Avatar"; pronounced if colleagues agree with the idea)

- "Tell me this is my profile, if you are a man!" (Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra)

- "Ben! Ben is Daniel! Ai NID HELP! "(Brother-2)

- "Brake legs should be, not the head! Goat "(Brother-2)

- "Kids, you tried, but you did not. Hence the conclusion: Do not try! "(The Simpsons)

Workflow- "Toto, I have a feeling that we are not in Kansas anymore" ("The Wizard of Oz", when it started tupnyak)

- "I see dead people" ("The Sixth Sense", in anticipation of the deadline)

- "Excuse me, I'm calling my microwave" ("Amelie"; a great way to get rid of the nasty conversation)

- "Once we were read pornography - now catalogs IKEA» («Fight Club"; a special quote for Instinct)

- "Never underestimate the predictability tupizny" ("Snatch", an adequate response indignant creative director)

- "I've been running for three years, 2 months, fourteen days and sixteen hours" ("Forrest Gump", after the delivery of the project)

- "I actually do not really like the directors ..." ("Brother", pronounce on the set or on the discussion of the Treatment)

- "I can kill, and I do not like it" ("Sin City", on the eve of the deadline)

- "Today - it tomorrow!" ("Groundhog Day", right in the deadline, when even a damn is not ready)

- "Once I woke up and my wife - a pineapple! Ugly is! But I loved her "(" Ice Age 3 ", when completely reworked)

- "We are working 18 hours a day! This leaves 36 hours for two days !!! We demand the reduction of up to 35 "(" Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra ", and in fact the truth)

- "To think we will, when the diamond 's get" ("Shirley Myrli", when you do not want to develop the idea is not very nice)

- "Soy, see the ending" ("Pokrovsky Gates"; on the Pei-offah)

- «Houston, we have a problem» («Apollo 13", universal)

- "Look, only in heaven and say about the sea. As it is infinitely beautiful ... And you? What do you tell them? After all, you've never been to the sea. Up there you baptized lohom "(" Knockin 'on Heaven ", in response to a proposal to remove the video clip in Moscow)

- "I am not a magician, I'm just learning" ("Cinderella", when asking the impossible)

- "Tsigel tsigel-ah-lu-lu" ("The Diamond Arm"; please hurry)

- "Mom, he woke up and did not want" ("Liquidation", the client sent the objectionable comments a few days later)

- "In such circumstances, I not only can not, but I have no right to work. So I stop work, close the apartment and leave for Sochi. Keys can pass Shvonder. Let it operates "(" Heart of a Dog ", when all tired, all climb into other people's business)

- "Green slippers!" ("What do men"; the answer to any question)

Rank-colleagues "tic - a sign of neurosis" ("Amelie"; To further ponervirovat)

- "... Fruit trees, ornamental and degenerative" ("Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra»)

- "I love you, Walter, but sooner or later you must admit that you are - a moron" (The Big Lebowski)

- "What, too Thank creatives? I thought he was a normal guy ... "(Radio Day)

- "With such a short little proboscis, I would behave modestly, man." (Ice Age)

- "I'm an idiot, you idiot, he's an idiot, all idiots. That's my philosophy. " (The Simpsons)

- "Francis, do not touch them, their hands in the kake" (Flick Adventure)

Morning privetstviya- "Well, how are you doing, monsters, lunatics and defective?" (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

- "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" (Apocalypse Now)

Evening proschaniya- "Some are soft toys are not enough to convince your children that they still have a father" (Home)

- "Go-ka home, Timothy. And to talk to you, and then all night every paskudstvo dream. " (White Dew)

- "I would wash. And that smell seals from me. " (Down House)

- "Sleep, Ganja, sleep! And tomorrow again in the battle "(Big Change)

- "All I'm rich! Farewell losers, I've always hated you !! "(" Futurama ", before leaving work on payday)

And universal "Fairy dunce!»

Down House (all applicable to all under any circumstances that are possible in the world of advertising)

Add your quotes from movies and cartoons characterizing your workflow!

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