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The famous photographer of the 20th century did not like staged shots and did not use retouching. His works only genuine reality through the eyes of optimista.Elliott Erwitt (Elliott Erwitt) - World Legend photo. He gained fame in the mid-nineteenth century, thanks to its black-and-white pictures taken in the ironic manner. His work: lively, emotional, humorous and profound meaning, conquered audiences in many countries.
It is interesting to note that in spite of the status of "American photographer," Elliott Erwitt has Russian roots. His parents - Boris and Eugene - emigrated from Russia after the revolution. Erwitt was born in Paris, and the first ten years of his life in Italy. It was only in the late 1930s "thanks to Benito Mussolini," he became an American. Here, the future master and I began to learn the art of photography.

In the 50 years Elliott served as assistant photographer in the Army. It was in the army, he first picked up a camera and take a picture of soldiers waiting to be sent to Korea. This photo took the second place in the competition of the magazine «Life». The success inspired Elliott: "I have the motivation to work on ourselves. And if you win, why move on? "- He recalls.

Despite the fact that Erwitt had the opportunity to make a huge number of portraits of famous personalities of the second half of the last century, he always says that he does not care whom to shoot. It is equally true of the major policies, and office employees. The most famous pictures of the photographer made them just while walking on the streets. Most of these black-and-white photos was made spontaneously: "I never ask permission. Why someone has to ask permission? It will not be picture "- says the master.

Outstanding works Erwitt today can be seen in Rome, where until September 1, 2013, an exhibition of his photographs. And this site materials selected 30 of the best works of the legendary photographer.

Elliott Erwitt. Photo of David Keenan
Speaking about Erwitte, many recall the statement of the English novelist Wilfrid Shida: "The very essence of art Elliott is to be sensitive, but without crying, funny, but not laugh, clever, but without razdumyvaniya." Perhaps this is the best feature of the works of the great masters of photography.

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