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Photographer Brandon Stanton removes older New Yorkers and writes their words. They are beautiful, happy and wise. H3> In general, the project "Humanity New York City" is not only for the elderly. Stanton takes everyone who comes across it in the streets, creating a lively photograph of one of the most interesting cities in the world. But the old man with his wisdom and humor of past years - is a completely different story. History is not only New York, but also about life in general. The fact that we all come, as we do, and what eventually will become.

After I made a picture of her, she cheek for a kiss. After the kiss, she said, "Is not love wonderful?". "Yes, that's right," I replied.

- I love when people understand the style of their age, rather than hide it. Whether it's gray hair, or a cane, or points - is the dignity associated with having the experience. They should be worn as a medal.

- Lay out my Internet! Even on Google!

It was so cool. Yesterday I had the honor to be photographed master Jill Enfield. It uses the same method that was used back in the civil war, to do portraits of soldiers. The method is called the Wet Collodion. After the picture is taken, Jill immediately uses a special blend of chemicals to move the image on the glass.

Yesterday I came across a national treasure. I walked along 3rd Avenue, when he saw an old man in a wheelchair. Despite his physical condition, he was dressed very provocatively. It was a bizarre yellow suit. Everything about him was yellow, even socks. Intrigued by his appearance, I leaned over and asked permission to photograph. He nodded.

After I took a picture of him, his guardian introduced him: "This is the Banana George, the oldest skiers in the world." He is now 97 and was 92 when he set a world record as the oldest person on water skis. " Banana George did not even know how to water ski to 40 years. But soon it became his passion. Throughout his career, he has racked up 4 times the spine, and even ankle, knee and eleven ribs. I saw the footage as a very old George pulled through the water in a wheelchair skiing, and he was smiling like crazy.

- I would never be able to wear boring clothes.

I asked what kind of leaves lying in her hat? She responded with a strong Russian accent: "The smell of the leaves lowers high blood pressure».

- What is your favorite feature in it - how obedient she was.
- This is my answer, too. During the 56 years he has miraculously maintained all I wanted to do.

- Can we make a close-up shot?

- I dont know. Thirty years ago it was possible.

- I am a widow for five years. And I worry that people are looking at the way I dress, decide that I do to pick up somebody. I would like to meet someone, but not going to do anything for this.

I first met this woman on Cinco de Mayo. She sat alone in the loud and crowded Mexican restaurant, reading a book. She was dressed in a T-shirt with the inscription: "It's not the years in your life, and the life in your years." I ran into her again yesterday. This time it was with an equally stunning message on her shirt. («It - t em> as well, which should be subject em> ») em>

- I am a Catholic monk. I live prayers.
- What about cigarettes?
- Well, somebody has to do the clouds.

- What do you like most about your wife?
- I can not say it out loud!

Prepare a handkerchief for tears of emotion.

- What is your favorite feature in it?
- It does not matter, all that makes it better.
- What is your favorite feature in it?
- Her passion for adventure.

- People are trying to buy my hat with his head.

- If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
- Love.
- How many times have you loved?
- Once. And then she was gone.

The meeting in Harlem.

I asked how they continue to love each other. And they answered:
- She never forgets that she is my mother.
- And he never forgets that he is my son.

He tried to justify himself: "I am their grandchildren».

- When my husband died, I said, "Darling, how will I live without you?" He said to me, 'Take your love to me, and distribute it around ».

If this guy does not make you smile, I can not help you.

- We will soon be living in a corporate fascist state. No one on that does not pay attention. We pay $ 3.50 for a cup of coffee. You know what the cost per pound of coffee beans? $ 3.50. But no one knows. The reason - nothing nobody's business.

- Photo is on my website tomorrow.
Woman: - Oh, great!
Man: - Oh, my God.

- These are the rules of the club: you must be over 50 years old, wearing a red, and you must have the desire to have fun.

- You have to learn to approach everything with a happy thought. Even those things that you do not want to do.
- It sounds complicated. How do you do?
- Well, I was almost crushed by a brick wall while working on a construction site. And it helped to change their point of view.

- It is very important not to rush through life so that you can not find the time to do the things that you really should do.
- What things would you like to get more time?
- I have learned to drive a racing car. He learned to cook. Tighten to one young lady. I have prepared a stack of books, but I had to read them 50 years ago. I do not read Harry Potter!

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