13 optical illusions created by nature

Do not believe their eyes. It obman.Priroda - the most sophisticated creator. Her creations sometimes so amazing that it seems as if you were in a very different, but at the same time the real world.

Website brought to you optical illusions that have been created in the most natural way.

Underwater vodopad

This creates the illusion of sandy sediments, extending along the coast of the island of Mauritius. It seems that the water is a huge waterfall.


No, this is not the picture painted by the artist-expressionist. In the foreground of the dead trees, which overshadows the setting sun, and in the background the red sand dunes of Namibia. But the light and shadows create an impression of something unreal.

Raging okean

Looking at these clouds, it seems that instead of the sky - the raging ocean. Undulatus asperatus - a rare type of cloud, having unusual and awesome view. Despite the menacing look, clouds asperatus not accompanied by a hurricane or storm.

Magic ozero

Due to the lack of any facilities on the lake Uyuni perception of space here is very distorted. In the rainy season the lake, Salar de Uyuni is transformed into a huge mirror: salt cell covered with a thin layer of transparent water in which is reflected the sky, and it becomes quite clear where the horizon.


It seems that the person is on the edge of the cliff, but in fact it is on the river bank, located in Glen Canyon.


It seems that the two boys are jumping into the abyss. In fact, it is Jacob's well, which is located in Texas. Well James - great artesian spring, 4 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep. The water is so clear that when you jump it feels like jumping into empty space.

Tree shapes

The photo is not the river bed and, of course, not a tree. Tree figure in Baja California (Mexico) are formed in the sand because of the high amplitude of the tides in shallow water due to the formation of strong currents.

Stone volny

On the border between Arizona and Utah has unique rock formations. They were formed over millions of years of sand dunes, gradually turning into a solid rock. Because of the wind and rain, which for a long time worked on the education they have acquired such bizarre forms.

Mountain doroga

When you first see this picture, it seems that this road, which runs across the top of the mountain chain. In fact it is the Colorado River, which is due to the color and shade our eyes perceive otherwise.

Fire tornado

The picture is not a real fiery tornado (which actually does not exist), and the waste of mining operations, floating in the Rio Tinto in Spain. As a result of works that continue in the region for several centuries, the river has become acidic. The bright red color of the water is obtained from the high content of heavy metals in it.

Three solntsa

It's an incredible phenomenon known as sun dog, and it occurs when the sun's rays are refracted in ice crystals which are in the atmosphere.


This image looks like a good photograph of the rain. But if you look closely, you will see that each of these drops just hung on the web.

Biceps zebra

Alternating black and white violates our ability to detect the edges of objects, so we see these lovely two-headed zebras.

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