22 cat who got stuck and nothing can do about it

The battle has already been lost, but they staralis.Lyuboy person who has a cat or a cat knows that these animals have a wonderful ability vlyapyvatsya in different stories. Because of its inordinate curiosity, they become hostages of things and objects.

Website brought to you pictures of seals, which become even nicer when they get into such a situation.

Note: none of the cat does not hurt!

Che are you laughing?

Well and I drank some water, called.

Rescue, good people.

Tough it put on a hamster.

And I kept thinking, what blinds ... It turned out, nothing interesting. Just trap the cats.

The idea to spend bulb failed miserably.

Bank, release.

Connected, but not broken.

For the weak - to try to get out. Strengths can just close your eyes and go to sleep.

He missed with dimensions.

And so it is with every box, if once again leave me without food.

Get your hands, I've meditated.

That just will not do to maintain the area.

Sofas insidious.

Is that the door for the ants?

Dude, get out, I'm in heaven.

Where I am? Who am I?

I swear, this stuff has become smaller over the past 2 years.

Do not look at me as if I lost again chair.

Someone wanted to open a gift ahead of time.

This fight is not yet over.

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