10 world-renowned portrait photographers

Portrait photography - is not so much shooting man as transmission through the photograph of his emotions and feelings. And, to make a really good picture, you need to love people, to be able to interact with them and feel "the same" moment.

Website is the top 10 photographers who have achieved perfection in this matter and create the most impressive portraits of people from around the world.

Steve Mc Karri

Steve Mc Curry - one of the most famous and brilliant photographers of our time. Many photographic art lovers know him as the author of a single photograph of the Afghan girl. However, on account of Steve is not just the most recognizable cover National Geographic, but also hundreds of other fascinating shots, more than a dozen published books and countless exhibitions around the world.

Lee Dzheffris

Once, when Lee Jeffries was walking the streets of London before the shooting marathon, his attention attracted a homeless girl. He wanted to quietly take the picture, but she saw it and started screaming. Jeffries wanted to run away, but instead he crossed the road, talking to her, and took a few more shots. Now his pictures of homeless people are famous all over the world.

Jimmy Nelson

Photographer Jimmy Nelson travels the world - from Chukotka to Papua - New Guinea - met with representatives of small nations and makes a fantastic photo-sketchings of their way of life. His project, called "So far, they have not disappeared," reveals the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups, many of which have not even heard.


French self-taught photographer Rean known for his portraits of people from Rajasthan and Cuba, but his biggest passion - people from Vietnam. "Vietnam - a paradise for photographers. National security, exceptional light. And 54 ethnic groups, which have significant differences, "- says Rean. This is undoubtedly one of the best portrait painters in the world.

Eric Laforg

Photographer Eric Lafforgue travels the world, taking stories for popular magazines worldwide travel, and simultaneously collects your photos "face of the earth." His stories about people photographed fascinate and portraits reflect real emotions.

Maney Librodo

During his travels photographer Menuel Librodo faced with a variety of individuals. Riot of colors and exciting moments are so impressed him that he decided to share them with all captured on camera. Photos do not just tell the story, and are real masterpieces.

Lisa Kristin

Humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine travels the world and takes unbearably harsh conditions of modern-day slavery. It shows the audience pictures soul clings to the miners of the Congo, Nepal, bricklayers and many other of the 27 million enslaved, impoverished people around the world.

David Lazar

David Lazar - photographer and traveler from Brisbane. He is always in pursuit of the brightest moments of life, and his favorite place - this is Brazil. In 2014 he won the title of Best Culture Photographer (¬ęBest photos by category" Culture ",") in the Garuda Airways.

Joel Santos

Photographer Joel Santos knows how to skillfully convey all the feelings of the characters of their shots. It seems that the man in the portrait is now continue to speak or stir.

Phil Bordzhes

Phil Borges only photographs of people. He studies the culture of peoples, on the verge of extinction. In his photographs we see the inhabitants of the world in relation to which traditionally use the cliché "third world countries", "small nations", "disadvantaged" or simply "developing nations." His photos are unique Tibetan refugees and open the eyes of the world on the existing problems.

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