The philosophical tale about Insult


- Resentment - is a small and very pretty animal. On the face of it quite harmless. And if it is correct to apply, the harm it will bring to you.

Resentment, if not try to settle it in your home, perfect lives in the wild and never let anyone touch them. But all attempts to seize the offense, to make her his, always end in tears ...

This animal is very small and nimble, it may accidentally get into the body of any person. Man, it feels right, it becomes insulting.

A beast man shouts:

- I accidentally caught! Let me out! I it's dark and scary! I want to mother!
But people have long forgotten how to understand the language of creatures of the earth, particularly those of small animals ...

There are people who just let the offense. But there are those who would not want to let her go. They immediately called his Insult and worn it as a very expensive toy. Constantly thinking about it and wake up at night from the great thoughts about it.

And resentment still do not like to live with a man. She turns, seeking a way out, but she will never find the way. Such is the unlucky animal.

And the people, too unlucky. I squeezed the whole and would not have released their grievances. It's a pity to give. And a hungry animal, is he really wants. Here he begins to slowly have the person inside. And one feels it: there hurts, here. So pain, tears rolling down from his eyes. But because he does not understand what does it, then it does not associate with malaise offense. And then the person gets used to it out of despair and violence done too little by little getting used to his master: eating, growing, fattening Resentment and stops moving altogether.
It is inside a person-button lint, sucks and sucks and gnaws.
So they say about such people: "Resentment is eating».

And in the end, so Resentment grows to a person that becomes part of it. Man is weakening by the day, and Resentment in all getting fatter and fatter.

And it never occurred to the man that only and should - take the insult and release!

Let them live in their pleasure, and let it be again, a small, thin and brisk!

And a man without her easier to live, because of resentment he cries often and is ill.

Resentment - it's such a small creature.
Let him go, let him run to mom!



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