SIFCO 22, proving that the future is already here

hell are we already living in the future! This world is not standing still, and what seemed impossible just a few years ago, it is now hard at work. Flying drone translator in real time, and even a fan dispersing the wind by the heat of your hands - all this in the article Website

"Smart" glass becomes opaque when you close zamok.

The wheelchair itself can climb stupenkam.

Packaging of ice cream. If you hover over it with a smartphone with a special app for you will play skripachi.

Recycle Bin counts, which fall musor.

Watch wrote to you vremya.

The amount of data is constantly increasing.

Flying drone. He will be there wherever you byli.

There was an interactive advertising metro.

The app translates words in real vremeni.

This is not exactly lightning podvedet.

Invented device for digging derevev.

New planets discovered in 2014 godu.

Now you can move objects without touching nim.

Portable printer.

Balancing for kamery.

The line is able to measure the degree naklona.

An invisible plastilin.

New features artificial parts tela.

Drone delivers beer to doma.

The fan is powered by the heat of your hands.

Water-repellent clothing. Such dirt nipochem.

Just keep that in mind. 1994 th against 2014 go.

It only remains to wait for the shtuku.

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