22 simple ideas to transform your home

To the house was cozy and the space is used effectively, not necessarily spend a lot of money. Sometimes even simple changes can transform the apartment beyond recognition.

Website will tell you how inexpensively add zest to the familiar interior and make your home stylish and unique.

Retractable Cutting doska

Additional cutting surface with a hole for rubbish. Very convenient.

Poof storage obuvi

As well as other small items.

Sofa on the windowsill

If the sill wide enough to throw him a couple of pillows and mattress, you get the most comfortable seat in the house!

Additional shelf in koridore

Add a shelf full length of the corridor, a convenient way to store your things.

Half of the table in vannoy

It is easy to add additional storage space.

Unexpected place for hraneniya

Look closely: what if your apartment is vacant space for an additional locker?

Thermosensitive tiles in dushe

To receive and aesthetic pleasure.

Pockets for posudy

Perfect mini-kit for one or two people.

Kitchen towel instead yaschika

A very useful thing in the kitchen.

Built-in ironing doska

No one would guess that in such a compact cabinet with a mirrored door are stored devices for ironing.

Caps on the door shkafa

To cover necessary always been at hand.

Dutch door in the children komnate

Allow to keep an eye on the children from the other room.

Built rozetki

To be able to put furniture against the wall.

Folding dveri

You can not remove small appliances out of the closet.

Sockets for shkafom

Conveniently and quietly.

A small cabinet for storage means for uborki

It is convenient and does not occupy much space.

Tunnel to the nursery komnatu

It will bring endless joy of a child.

Drawers for storing spices and priprav

A special place in the kitchen for important flavor accents.

Built krovati

Perfect replacement bunk bed.

The boxes in the wall proemah

Any projecting part of the wall can be turned into a comfortable locker.

When there is no space for shkafa

You can just get out of the situation and maintain order.

Stools on sharnirah

Save space in a small kitchen.

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