25 movies with amazing stories about love

films about love - an infinite number, and, despite this, they continue to shoot. And all because they will always find a response in the viewer, because this feeling is familiar and close to everyone.

Website gathered in this post movies completely different genres - from light comedy to heartbreaking drama - but in each of them the unforgettable story of true love.

50 First First Dates

Henry Roth falls in love with the charming Lucy. Despite the small interference by the evening persistent Romeo manages to achieve reciprocity beauty. Young people are happy and confident that their love will last forever. Alas, in the aftermath of a car accident in the morning she does not remember anything of what happened the day before. But Henry did not intend to give up, even if for the sake of it and will have to fall in love with Lucy every day.

Magic moon svetaMagic in the Moonlight

In this new ironic stories we see as an experienced and talented illusionist at the request of an old friend coming to the Cote d'Azur to the house of a family that has fascinated some charlatan. It supposedly is able to come into contact with the dead and see the fate of man. Rational illusionist tries to catch and expose her, but gradually gets into its network.

KrasotkaPretty Woman

Divorced forty millionaire Edward Lewis accidentally meets with Vivian right on Hollywood Boulevard on the way to Beverly Hills and offers the stranger a large sum for a few nights spent with him. This meeting will change their lives forever. Good and bright fairy tale, which can be reviewed countless times.

Call roman

The protagonist Novosel hit on boss decided to move up the career ladder. But fate has thrown him an unexpected surprise. This kind Soviet film you want to watch again and again, and each time it will be interesting and funny.


Georges and Anne deeply for 80. Their marriage was perfect. Suddenly Anna seriously ill - loses his memory, and then paralyzes. But the love between the characters of the film does not weaken under any circumstances. She loves him and wants to ease his torment her and he loves her and wants her to suffer. And there is no barrier that they have not overcome together, because they have the greatest power on earth - the power of true love.

Diary Notebook
A touching love story, read an elderly man in an old notebook woman in a nursing home, is left to live only on the screen. It penetrates into our lives, leave aftertaste, does not sleep, worried about memory, and here you already own, like the main characters fall in love without reserve.


"Titanic" ... One reminder of this film is enough to skin crawl. It is not just the story of the collapse of the unsinkable ship, is the story of a fragile and vulnerable first love against the backdrop of the terrible catastrophe of human scale.

Love and golubi

By eliminating the fault winches, Vasily Kuzyakin injured and a ticket to the south. There he meets a femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna and ... Bob returned to the resort not to the village, and the house of Raisa Zakharovna. It began a new life for him, which was a lot of obscure and interesting, but not at home, where there were Nadia, children and doves.

Taming stroptivogoIl bisbetico domato

The best romantic comedy of all time, in which the heroine of Ornella Muti is trying to tame the inimitable Adriano Elia as a farmer. Jokes from this movie is instructive, and phrases hero Celentano dismantled for quotes.

Moscow to tears does not verit

After going through many trials, the main character of this film was able to build a fantastic career, raise a daughter and become successful. But that's a decent man still no. But the fate of Catherine showed that "in 40 years, life has just begun."


Life and death seem incompatible poles, but in the movie "Ghost" they are very close to each other - and to blame the love. So nice to portray her in the frame fails a little. Feelings of the protagonists, Molly and Sam believe the same as their own, if it is we're burning with emotion, to burn through. For this Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg kowtow.

VetromGone Gone with the Wind

There are good movies, but there is simply a masterpiece, and that these include the film "Gone with the Wind." You can always revise and each time find for yourself something new in this incredible story of a strong spirit of a woman who was not like the others and cope with these blows of fate, with whom I can not cope even some men.

Hurry lyubitA Walk to Remember

The love story of a spoiled pretty boy, and quiet excellent pupil can hardly be called a masterpiece for all time, but it has a beautiful message of love can work miracles, and life can realize any fairy tale. Yes, the encounter with the reality of some fantastic story will change, but a place of miracles and this senses it will remain.

Dirty Dancing

Romantic love story, dance, strong friendship and love again .... The "Dirty Dancing" this atmosphere attracts and fascinates easy, and certainly every girl after watching the film wants to learn to dance as well. And love.

And Pride and Prejudice

Girls Bennet family awaiting the arrival of a new neighbor of the young in their homestead. Together with a young neighbor of his friend comes between him and one of the sisters there is a strange confrontation, which tends to bowl the overwhelming love, to hate all frightening.

Great GetsbiThe Great Gatsby

The bright colors of the bustling New York 20s, smart people on a grand party, bubbling and sizzling passion everywhere - all this makes the heart beat faster and pass through itself every episode, every character, every word. Friendship and indifference, hatred and detachment, love and betrayal - and thin, seemingly not matching each other extremes - embody the contradictory atmosphere of the era of the Charleston.

Real lyubovLove Actually

"Love is all around us. It is real everywhere "- these words begins the film, and it seems you can watch it a hundred times and it still will not get bored. In love with his housekeeper writer, an aging rock star, bored prime minister, a widower. Yes, we exaggerated, but it does not happen in life. But this movie is a dream, so cynics please do not disturb.

D'Artagnan and three mushketera

Unfading diamond Soviet cinema. Such a love of life, such unmatched drive and an emotional few tapes can boast. History, in which the young Musketeer D'Artagnan for love is ready to move mountains to save the queen from the shame and France - from the terrible political scandal is good and transcription on film language.

P.S. I love tebyaP.S. I Love You

¬ęP.S. I love you "is not just another" slezovyzhimalka. " It's a smart and good movie, talking to the audience in a language they understand, but on the topics that we are able to perceive only with the heart. We see how fragile is what it looked like yesterday indestructible and eternal. And we see that love does not need a lot of beautiful words ... Need only three.

House at the Lake House

A film about the love between two people who share a distance. But it is not calculated in kilometers, not the city, and time. The original story is removed is simple, but beautiful, and awesome music so subtly intertwined with the image that they become one. Therefore, the film "The Lake House" was very gentle, romantic and sensual.

Meet Joe Joe Black

Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt - what else is needed for a luxury movie? But there is something more in it - the universe in which good and evil are intertwined, nobility and dishonor, fear, courage, love and death.

Sleepless in SietleSleepless in Seattle

The film, surprising in its simplicity, richness and touching. Pass one of the cozy evenings in the company of his heroes - a true gift for the mind and the heart. It has everything you need: a nice and lonely main character played by Tom Hanks, plain, but charming heroine Meg Ryan, adorable kids, obligatory quotations from classic soul and warms the atmosphere.

Notting Hill

The story begins and runs almost all the time in one of the London boroughs of Notting Hill, which comes a world famous actress (Julia Roberts) and a small shop where the guides working hero Hugh Grant. Suddenly, they will meet, and the events around them zakruzhatsya with such speed that the lives of the characters reversed.

City of Angels

What if angels live among us, walking the same streets and ordinary people fall in love? The heroine of this film did not believe in angels until he was faced with one of them personally. This gentle and naive fairy tale reiterates that human life is beautiful and in the world there are things worth living.

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