Letter tanker, which he did not have time to send favorite

October 25, 1941

Hello, My Cooking!

No, we will not meet with you. Yesterday at noon we smashed Hitler's another column. Fascist round hit the side armor and exploded inside. While I led off the car in the forest, Basil died. My wound is cruel.

I buried Vasily Orlov in a birch grove. It was light. Basil died before he could tell me a word, nothing is handed to its beautiful white-haired Masha and Zoe-like dandelion fluff in. So of the three tankers alone. In sutemeni I drove into the woods. The night passed in agony, lost a lot of blood. Now for some reason, the pain, Burn the entire breast, and lay down in my soul silently. It's a shame that we have not done everything. But we did everything we could. Our comrades hunt an enemy that should not go to our fields and forests. I never would have lived life as if it were not for you, Varya. You helped me always: on Khalkhin- here. Perhaps, after all, who likes the kind to people. Thank you, dear! The man is aging, and the sky is forever young, like your eyes that just look so admire. They will never grow old, do not fade.
As time passes, people will heal wounds, people built new cities grow new gardens. There will come another life, some songs will be sung. But never forget a song about us, about three tankers. You will have beautiful children grow up, you're still going to love. And I'm happy that I'm leaving you with a great love for you.

Your Ivan Kolosov. (from the book, "said the fallen heroes»)

June 22, 1941 the Great Patriotic War, which has touched every person in our country. On this day we remember the heroes whose names are unknown to history, but because of their actions evolved overall victory.

The crew was killed in October 1941 in an attempt to get out of the environment in the forest near Vyazma. Junior lieutenant Ivan Kolosov Vare wrote his letter, knowing that would never see his beloved.

Tank found 25 years later. When the car was opened on the site of the driver found the remains of a second lieutenant-tanker. He had a revolver with one cartridge and the plate, and there - maps, photographs of his girlfriend and unsent letters - Varvara Zhuravlev got them after a quarter century.

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