13 products that you can no longer eat differently

When it comes to food, it seems that we know about it almost all the cooking. But no - you can always improve something, to make a more original way to surprise loved it.

Website gathered in this post ways to prepare and serve the foods that you have probably not tried.

Appetizing sandwich from rye bread pie.

Get out of strawberry heart, fill it with whipped cream or cream - and dessert is ready.

Place fresh herbs in the form of ice, pour the olive oil and place in the freezer. As such, the greens well-kept, and it can be added to meals in cubes.

How to file a beautifully sliced ​​sausage and cheese.

Roll with banana and chocolate paste.

Sandwich with bacon.

Kiwi with chocolate on a stick - very pleasant to children.

Proper sausage test.

How have cupcakes right.

banana with nuts and chocolate on the grill.

Romantic breakfast.

Apples with caramel cereal and pasta.

Fruit ice with gummi bears and Sprite.

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